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Is there another birth control pill that is better than yasmin? and doesn't have so many bad side effects?




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This is a great question for your OB. From Personal experience I love Seasonale You take it for 3 months without a period. Which means you have your period only 4 times a year. I am sure many women have their own preferences and you have to decide on your own along with your Dr.'s suggestion. If you smoke your choices maybe limited.

Clinical studies to date have shown no increased health risks with Seasonal compared with the 28-day birth control pills. Periods experienced on birth control pills (or pill periods) result only because hormones are stopped during the last 7 days of your pill cycle. They do not result because of a need to shed the built up uterine lining. Taking Seasonale maintains the lining of the uterus and avoids buildup. Since the lining is thin and does not need to be shed each month, there is no need for a monthly pill period.

Is it okay to switch from another birth control pill to Seasonale?

Yes. If you are currently using other birth control pills, you may switch to Seasonale. Only you and your healthcare professional, however, can decide if switching to Seasonal is right for you.

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