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Is Dr. Jay Parkinson the Future of General Practice?

Posted Oct 30 2008 3:21pm

Dr. Jay Parkinson is a bit of an unorthodox family physician in Williamsburg, Brooklyn. He is hanging out a virtual shingle as he starts up his family practice. Adopting a face-to-face and virtual approach he plans to use a web site, blog and tele-communications technology to run his practice. He will function using phone, text message, Instant Messaging, Video chat or email. He will not limit contact via telecommunications technology but will limit face-to-face visits to 2 per year and if further visits are needed will charge a fee for that service. There is an extensive FAQ section on his web site. This will be interesting to follow as his practice evolves.

There are definite efficiencies in being able to provide remote and virtual care without office overhead. Is this a model for Canada? I am not sure given our current structure and limitations of the Canada Health Act.

"Wow…I don’t think any physician in the history of the US has had this much publicity upon hanging their shingle. It’s a bit overwhelming. Keep your eye out in many of the major newspapers all across America for upcoming stories. I’m a doctor opening a practice in Williamsburg, Brooklyn and I need an agent. Movie offers, TV series offers, multiple newspaper interviews and photoshoots, radio interviews both by phone and in studio…and on and on and on. What is it about this practice that makes it so newsworthy? What makes this so unorthodox? Sadly, it’s the fact that I’m easily accessible; utilize the latest communication technologies to talk with my patients; and because my practice raises the issue of a lack of a free market in the healthcare industry because the prices for healthcare are kept private until you get a bill for the services already rendered. I’m challenging the traditional way physicians manage their patients. I am 110% positive I can do it better than the broken healthcare system that has become inaccessible, unaffordable, and, in essence, simply a pain in the ass to deal with."

Link: jayparkinsonmd      Blog: jayparkinsonmd

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