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Invest YES! Cut Taxes NO!

Posted Jan 22 2009 6:38pm

Tax cuts are the government equivalent of "business expenses". People feel better in the short term but there is nothing to show for them in the long term. Tax cuts are like business expenses: money that is written off, to make the employees / voters feel better prior to an election.

No country, business, family or individual gets out of trouble by increasing their expenses. Spending for the sake of it, will not stop a recession or depression. The Americans got out of their last recession by investing in Public Works such as the Hoover Dam. Not by throwing money onto a burning building.

Tax cuts encourage people to waste money on cheap tat from China. The planet is in enough trouble without wasting more resources making rubbish we don't need.

The country needs investment, not more waste. 
Public Works, and Public Education invest in the Nation's future. Better Public Transport, new roads, safe hospitals, better housing, but don't throw precious resources away on tax cuts. 

Spend money, yes the country may soon need a boost. But please Gordon (NeoCon) Brown, don't run up more debt with nothing to show for it. 

Investing in Public Works and Education and investing in this country's future YES!

Cutting taxes and other pea brained schemes spending money we don't have, on cake and circuses - NO! 

Copyright (c) Dr. Liz Miller

Copyright(c)2006 : Dr Liz Miller
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