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Intestinal Infections on the Rise – C. Diff

Posted Nov 11 2008 1:12pm 1 Comment

C. Diff has been around for a while, but now according to this article, it is becoming even more prevalent.  There is one hard core cure that is working and more can be found under the related reading section here.  It is the last ditch effort, but the feces donations and process seem to be working when other processes fail.  BD 

The C Diff Cure, an effective (but yucky) procedure

When you read this is sounds pretty dramatic, but the procedure is working.  Family feces donors are needed.  This is another hospital acquired infection that is growing almost as fast as MRSA and one to be aware of.  The process involves a stool transplant and is running about a 95% cure rate, so when faced with the choices of living with it, or giving this a try, I would think the procedure is now seen in animageentirely different light.

Highly contagious and often contracted once a patient is already in a hospital or nursing home, Carroll's infection is one that is far more prevalent than previously thought, according to a study released Tuesday. Researchers now think that on any given day, more than 7,000 hospitalized patients are infected with C. difficile.

They also say that on any one day, an average of 300 patients may die from the infection. The numbers from 648 hospitals, presented today at a conference of the Association of Professionals in Infection Control and Epidemiology, show that 13 out of every 1,000 patients are now infected, more than 60 percent higher than previous estimates by the Agency for Healthcare Research and Quality. And according to the study's principal investigator, William R. Jarvis, incidences of C. difficile could actually be far higher.

ABC News: Intestinal Infections on the Rise

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The C Diff Cure, an effective (but yucky) procedure

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i  had a bout of cysitits which didnt get betteri went docs with a urine sample and was told i had a urine infection they sent of the sample which came back i had a bowel infection but appart from constipation and back pain i still have painful bladder wen i urinate
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