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Interview: Jill Balderson, Managing Partner of HealthEd On Demand

Posted Aug 06 2011 11:21pm

We recently had the chance to speak with Jill Balderson, Managing Partner of HealthEd On Demand about their new offering that benefits patients and physicians alike.  And yes, you can get it on your iPad.

Kevin: You recently launched HealthEd On Demand. What is it exactly?


Jill: HealthEd On Demand is a flexible, web-based platform that lets healthcare professionals provide personalized, high quality education and support for patients in seconds-extending the care they provide patients without extending their working hours.

Kevin: How does this benefit healthcare professionals?

jill_balderson1Jill: HealthEd On Demand can benefit healthcare professionals in many ways. First, it allows for more effective communication with patients-healthcare professionals can access a library of education and support materials that are certified by Health Educators and trusted by doctors. Then, they can share these resources with patients through a secure portal with just a few clicks (or taps!) They even have the option to add their own resources to the library.

Second, it provides healthcare professionals with tools to measure and maximize care. HealthEd On Demand automatically documents when materials are sent to patients and when they are accessed. The reports tool, for example, shows which materials are shared most often and viewed as most helpful. Healthcare professionals can also send group messages to patients for communications like screenings or seasonal health topics.

Third, it saves healthcare professionals time. They can have more focused office visits, because patients will have resources like instructions and educational support available in between visits. It also reduces the hassle of making photocopies or searching a supply closet or the web for patient information-not an insignificant chore in busy practices.

And finally, HealthEd On Demand is very easy to use-sign up takes less than five minutes. And it can be accessed from any device with a browser including smart phones and iPads.

Kevin: And how does it benefit patients?

jill_balderson2Jill: We’re finding that patients feel more engaged and supported with HealthEd On Demand. They get information and answers in an organized and easy-to-use format that comes directly from their healthcare professional, so they know it is trustworthy. And by giving patients the personalized support of educational plans that are tailored to their needs, they will be better equipped to reach their goals.

Kevin: Rather than making this a direct-to-patient portal, you decided to target healthcare professionals. Why?

jill_balderson3Jill: When we first started planning HealthEd On Demand two years ago we saw an abundance of direct to consumer content publishers. And while these serve a purpose by providing relevant, condition-based information, we did not see anyone creating a bridge between the provider and patient. To us, this seemed like a gap, as well as an opportunity.

In many ways, healthcare professionals are already acting as a content management system, delivering key information to patients. So we wanted to provide them with a tool that will increase retention rates (80% of information exchanged in a clinical setting is forgotten) and improve communication with patients-something providers tell us they want and need.

Kevin: HealthEd on Demand is a robust platform, how can it be offered as a free service?

jill_balderson5Jill: We are able to offer this as a free service thanks to the support of sponsors who provide some of the educational resources and templates. The platform can also be licensed to power private label solutions for larger healthcare provider organizations.

Kevin: Are there social components to HealthEd on Demand?

jill_balderson6Jill: At its roots, HealthEd On Demand is social. Healthcare professionals are able to see patient rankings and feedback on the materials, as well as patient progress, so they can gain a greater understanding of what works most effectively. They can also import resources for patients from the Web, such as a YouTube video of a patient sharing his or her experience with a disease or treatment. And by giving healthcare professionals the ability to add their own content, and share it with other professionals, we are creating a healthcare content community.

For patients, they are able to share valuable resources with family and friends, and most importantly, build stronger bonds with their healthcare providers.

Kevin: I know you just launched this year, but what has the feedback been so far?

jill_balderson8Jill: Feedback has been great. It seems that we’ve really filled a need with HealthEd On Demand. One of our internists recently told us that his patients tell him how useful they find the resources he sends them. He said it’s like an “extra measure of support once my patients leave the office.” It’s always extremely gratifying when we hear how we are making a difference in the lives of both healthcare professionals and patients.

Kevin: Are you still taking applications for membership?


Jill: Absolutely! Healthcare providers are always welcome to join online at

Jill Balderson
Managing Partner, HealthEd On Demand

A member of the HealthEd strategy team since 2005, Jill serves on the company’s executive leadership team as chief strategic officer. She’s responsible for leading HealthEd On Demand’s simple, web-based system that enables healthcare professionals to “prescribe” personalized health education action plans for their patients.

Jill’s background includes integrated marketing leadership roles in several industries, from pharmaceutical and consumer healthcare to financial services, travel, and technology. Prior to HealthEd, Jill was the digital marketing practice leader for DVC Worldwide, where she led strategic planning efforts for Web site and e-marketing campaigns for companies like Schering-Plough Consumer Healthcare, The Gillette Company, AT&T, and Pfizer Consumer Healthcare.

Jill once spent 30 consecutive days at sea without sighting land, navigating from Cape Cod to St. Lucia by the stars on a 134′ schooner.

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