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Interesting time for this topic ...

Posted Nov 10 2008 4:18pm

Interesting time for this topic to be addressed, right when the pending Medicare cuts for physicians is looming. “Even if every American had health insurance, many still wouldn't be healthy, she says.”…and I say let’s work on that first, getting access to health care that people can afford…and employers can offer employees …and we are also looking up at a shortage of doctors, so how do we become a healthier nation without access and the ability to have either preventative or regular health care.  I believe right now folks have other issues pending, like rent and house payments that need to be made so they are not out on the street.  The nation won’t get healthier until the services are truly available and not just vaporware so right now I don’t see this having a ton of momentum in the midst of everything else that is occurring, and if you can get the nation healthy, the people will follow suit so let’s shift a bit of the responsibility back to those who govern to chip in and help make it work.  We need a good, strong and INTELLIGENT captain of the ship about now.  BD 

As a result, the United States doesn't even muster a spot in the top 10 on rankings of nations' health. On one list it's 26th, the CDC says; on another, 47th. To tackle the problem, the CDC has launched the "Healthiest Nation Campaign," and Gerberding is speaking about it at "Shaping Policy for a Healthier Nation," a conference today and Wednesday in Washington, D.C. More than 300 leaders from a variety of fields, including business, non-profit groups, health care, sports and entertainment, are expected to attend. A main goal of the Healthiest Nation Campaign is to keep Americans healthy by integrating health into social policies across all sectors and at all levels of government, Gerberding says.

CDC Launches Campaign to Make the USA a Healthier Nation - Health - redOrbit

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