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Interesting Technology for Long Term Care

Posted Jul 14 2011 11:49am

The main target of Technology for Long Term Care is the provision of essential information on technology products in order to improve the quality of life and care among people in long term care arrangements. These arrangements are in the form of nursing homes as well as adult day care programs.  Some of the technologies and products featured for long term care are under the following categories:

  • Communication And Memory

  • Fall Management

  • Leisure

  • Medication Management

  • Mobility

  • Wander Management

Communication and Memory: Enhancing Communication Skills of Residents

This category is devoted to technology products that aim to enhance communication capabilities of residents in adult day care programs and nursing homes among others. It also gives them the chance to harness the memory with the aid of tools and products. Products in this particular technology category include the following:

  1. Alternative and Augmentative Communication Devices – these are tools/devices that aid temporarily or permanently impaired residents to communicate through supplemental speech/writing methods.

  2. Communication Accessories and Training Resources – these accessories range from visual tools to handheld devices to help facilitate communication among residents while training resources aim to enlighten and assist caregivers as well as family members of residents in coping with communication and behavioral hindrances and on how to best handle such situations.

  3. Digital Memory and Memory and Safety – these are tools/visual aids that help the residents to track and organize appointments and tasks as well as take note of medications. Memory and safety products on the other hand help residents cope with memory loss.

  4. Telephone Communication – these include devices with specialized and user-friendly applications and accessories which aim to assist residents to enable to still carry out and improve telephone communication abilities.

Fall Management: Long term care Products That Ensure Resident Security

The products under this category are aimed at securing the complete security of the residents. And this is done by ensuring that any untoward incidences of falling down are avoided or by decreasing any chance thereof. It also includes alarms/devices to alert caregivers in case of a fall. Some of the worthwhile products under this category include the following:

  • Anti-slip footwear, anti-slip matting- these are essential products in order for residents to tackle slippery areas such as bathrooms without any incidence of fall.

  • Grab bars – these are for the purpose of providing stability for residents when they are sitting and standing.

  • Chair, bed, toilet alarms/fall detection devices- these are necessary devices aimed at alarming caregivers when residents, especially those who are physically impaired and weak are about to leave a bed, chair or wheelchair without assistance.

  • Rehabilitation Equipment- these are products that aim to restore the strength, endurance and balance among others   in order to avoid any incidence of   a fall.

Leisure:  Equipment/Activities   for Recreational and Leisure Pursuits

This category caters to equipment, tools and activities with the sole intention of providing recreational and creative avenues to residents even though they suffer from physical limitations. The products are crafted in a special way that enables residents to still enjoy their pastimes and hobbies such as gardening, fishing, exercise and fitness, cooking, sewing and needlework among others despite limited physical capacities.

Medication Management: Products Aimed At Medication Routine Independence

Products identified under this category are aimed to increase the safety and efficiency on how medication is managed by residents. These are also aimed at giving residents more freedom and capacity to manage and monitor their medication regime in an independent manner. Some of worthwhile products under this category include:

  • Medication applicators

  • Multi-alarm pill boxes

  • Pill crushers and splitters

  • Pill organizers

  • Talking medication bottles

Mobility: Assistive Technology Products

The technology products featured under the Mobility category have the indispensable purpose of providing mobility and assistance to residents more specifically those who have physical limitations and disabilities. The devices/products also provide the needed safety as well as independence. Examples of these devices are cane and cane accessories, walker and walker accessories, scooter and standard wheelchairs among others.

Wander Management:  Devices to Ensure Safety during Leisure Walks/Explorations

The devices that are included in this category aim to ensure safety among residents during their leisurely walks and alert them of unfamiliar environments.  Such products also aim to alert caregivers and nursing home staff when any resident leaves a certain area and wanders off.  Some  of the  popular examples  of these  products and  devices include the following: door alarms, tracking systems and visual deterrents  which include murals to disguise doors, gates  and  other  openings.

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