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Interesting how the unit is maki ...

Posted Nov 10 2008 4:25pm

Interesting how the unit is making use of mobility with being able to connect to a Pocket PC or Smart Phone as well as a PC...BD 

The CardioBelt™ consists of a simple sensor unit with three embedded electrodes, which may be wirelessly connected to a processor such as a PC, PDA/PocketPC, or Smart Phone or any special-application processing device.

There are two versions of the CardioBelt™. One has a separate electronics package and a disposable sensor belt. This is useful in applications such as home health care. The second version is completely self contained. In this case, the belt is dedicated to a specific owner. 


The data analysis subsystem calculates the characteristic points of the QRS complex. A complex analysis algorithm develops a set of cardiac parameters which serve as useful indicators of cardiac conditions.

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