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Interesting how the forensic in ...

Posted Nov 10 2008 4:23pm

Interesting how  the forensic investigators can track the full use or non use it appears in this case on the stolen unit after it had been returned...from the article it appears the unit was stolen for equipment use only and that patient files had not been accessed had not even been turned on...good work for the security and recovery folks...BD

Officials at Johns Hopkins report that a stolen computer containing patient information has been recovered and returned to the institution, where an intense preliminary investigation over the Labor Day weekend concluded it is highly unlikely that any information was accessed or compromised.

Preliminary findings strongly suggest that the desk top computer, the only one that contained personal health information of patients from a tumor registry, was stolen for equipment value and was not even turned on after the July 15 theft, nor was there any evidence based on an analysis of standard approaches that anyone sought or gained access to the database information on the computer's hard drive.

UPDATE: Stolen Computers

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