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Intel Labs Integrating 48 Cores on a Single Chip – The Cloud Computer Chip on a Network

Posted Dec 05 2009 9:44pm
Maybe Moore’s law lives on.  This is pretty fascinating technology and the speed that it will create.  Granted when this is released this is going to the imageserver market first you can bet on that.  I remember back when memory disambiguation was the hottest item out there with advancing the ability to determine memory versus execution order.  Ok enough technical talk here, in layman’s terms this is really fast and we will probably need some accelerated video cards to keep up.  With 48 cores you are getting a lot of cache (memory on the chip) for sure, so the power of what is held in cache here is like that of a cloud.  Power management is important as well as the resources not being used for current calculations wait in reserve.   With all the multi mass sequencing and genomic research we are doing today, this can really cut down the compiling and processing times. 

A little off topic, but could you imagine a gaming computer with all this power, I’m sure the gamers are drooling all over this one.  BD

Intel Labs has created an experimental Single-chip Cloud Computer, (SCC) a research microprocessor containing the most Intel Architecture cores ever integrated on a silicon CPU chip 48 cores. It incorporates technologies intended to scale multi-core processors to 100 cores and beyond, such as an on-chip network, advanced power management technologies and support for message-passing.

YouTube - Intel Labs' Single-chip Cloud Computer animation

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