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Insurance Companies Hedging on Consumers Eating Fast Food – 2 Billion Invested with Food Companies Producing Products that

Posted Apr 15 2010 10:13pm

We are having this drilled into our heads today from insurers, and yet they feel a this compulsion to invest in the same companies they tell us to divert from with image healthier eating habits.  Is this the pot calling the kettle black and how sincere are those efforts to get us to be healthier.  

This is a good study from Harvard, practice what your preach would you?  This is just one more reason or area that causes distrust within the insurance business, their door swing both ways based on a dollar to be earned, so do they earn more with healthy or unhealthy eaters is the question here?  Certainly there’s some good information and goals with insurance plans but how far do they go before crossing the line for profit and how is profit built in ahead of truly working towards good health?  BD

(CBS) The investments of large insurers of health, disability and long term care in fast food chains like McDonald's and Pizza Hut have raised the interest of a study in the American Journal of Public Health , reports CBS Radio News' John Hartge.
The Harvard Medical School's Dr. Wesley Boyd, an author of the study, finds it ironic that these firms would invest nearly $2 billion in companies that sell food often linked to obesity and cardiovascular disease.
"The insurance industry, so far as it seeks to make a profit, it does so in an amoral way," Boyd said.
Boyd said health insurers should be held to higher corporate standards.

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