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Installation for Large Scale Jaw Crusher Equipment

Posted Nov 29 2012 3:03am

In order to facilitate the installation of the ceramic sand equipment, namely the jaw crusher, five steel rails should be laid on the foundation before the installation generally. The pavement of the steel rails should comply with the following requirements. The space between the rails should comply with the design requirements and the deviation should not be greater than 5mm. The level deviation for the steel rail should not more than 5mm. The level degree of the steel rail in the vertical and horizontal direction is 0.1mm/m. You should timely grout when the steel rail has been determined. The top surface of the steel rail should be level so that the assembly and the alignment can become easier. After the installation of the jaw crusher, the steel rail at the discharging part should be removed.
When the engine base of the jaw crusher is assembled on the rail, you should firstly install the lower engine base and then install the upper engine base. During the suspension setting process, the seam allowance and the wedge tank should not be damaged. You should add the lubricating grease at the connection between the seam allowance and the wedge tank. The installation should comply with the following requirements. First, the wedge head and the wedge tank should be connected correctly. Second, the degree of parallelism and the perpendicularity of the upper side wall and the lower side wall should be 1mm/m. Third, the deviation for the center position of the engine base should not be more than 5mm and the levelness is 0.5mm/m. Forth, the center level deviation of the eccentric shaft should not larger than 5mm. The eccentric bearing should be on the same center line. The deviation should not more than 0.5mm. After the alignment of the base, you should grout for the bolt screws. When the concrete reaches certain strength, the bolt screws should be tightened. After there are no errors for the check, you can carry out the next procedure. When the liner of the fixed paramagnetic plate and the siding plate are installed, the cement mortar is very necessary for the back of the liner.

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