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In view of the recent events, I ...

Posted Nov 10 2008 4:17pm

In view of the recent events, I ran across the opinion article, written by a Venture Capitalist and just a small portion of some the content is below.  I looked to see what they currently had under management, in other words, investments and about 90% involves technology, interesting.  As everyone knows, and especially in healthcare and the biotech business, not much is getting done with the funds from the Venture Capitalists.  When receiving funds from a VC, they move in, in other words work as partners to bring the development process to where there is a a substantial gain for both sides, they want a return on their investment, which everyone does no matter where they invest, so the money is not just handed to a new upstart, there are strings, and rightly so.

We really do need intelligent people at the top, folks with at least some hands on experience as with the new move of transparency, the old methodologies just don’t work, ignorance is not bliss , and you can’t depend on what worked in the Ronald Reagan era of surrounding yourself with intelligent people and yet not have some of the “smarts” under your own cap, what if they lie?  Have we seen this?  Case rested.   image

We have seen and heard that one.

But yet, what they all seem to forget, there are a lot of very intelligent people around today, and lies and cover ups appear on the web every day. The intelligent people know how to mine data, run queries and analyze and put the transparent fact out there, duh?   Just read the news every day, and we have another “oh gosh” story. 

The folks with the data, true facts and who query and find the transparency in the world today are really the ones who have the potential to create some real inroads in all areas of our lives, but i nstead we keep getting figureheads that have no clue.   Just look where we are today. 

Everyone who is intelligent too is not always honest either and will work every angle for their own benefit, so how do you do battle with the ones who are not so honest?  Pretty simple answer there, make sure each side has a high level of intelligence so a real challenge takes place and not what we have today, politicians and a government trying to fight a battle with swords while the other side has machine guns to put it simply. 

Bill Gates has recently testified in front of Congress to relay this message too, but again with folks at the top not having any real hands on knowledge or experience for the most part, it all went over their heads and it easier to dismiss the technology folks as “geeks” and much of society follows that exact same path, they are just “geeks”.  

Denial is easy, but when the geeks come up with the transparent and real data, well it’s kind of hard to overlook when there’s big money involved and another “oh gosh” story appears, but we are so very distracted though too with wondering what Britney and other are doing as that is what is put in our face every day by the media, but it works for all those glued to the television and makes for water cooler discussion everywhere, every day and we keep getting fatter and just can’t figure out why our doctors are not having a bigger impression, duh?  We can’t blame it on them, and yet they are at much of the focal point here and come under scrutiny all the time on what they are doing wrong. Many people I run across don’t read much and rely on television for news and entertainment so without a varied level of sources, that is all they know, what is on TV. 

We have one Senator, a doctor too, that recently spoke out in an interview, but again he is only one person, but he makes some very good points.  Medicine is still a low tech business, a post I made recently that covers a lot of areas, including things like the FDA still using longhand paper reports among other items, well at this point it appears to me that our government is also a “Low Tech” business too. 

Like it or not the “R” word is coming back, Regulation and hopefully there might be a glimmer of hope somewhere along the line of getting some politicians engaged with fulfilling some time with learning a bit about software and business intelligence as it rules everything we do today.  The Venture Capitalists folks can tell you all about it, it’s a mainstay and priority in everything they do, so let’s get some business intelligence software knowledge involved and going in Washington for a change.

So due to the folks still running around with swords and relying on those around them to advise without some technology background and smarts themselves, we all own junk bonds.  BD


For many years now we've all seen the reckless use of taxpayer funds by Washington . This irresponsible and unaccountable waste of tax dollars has been particularly prominent during President Bush's tenure - from billions going to blow up bridges, roads and buildings in Iraq , only to rebuild them - to the Department of Homeland Security, which is no more than a joke. Meanwhile, America 's own infrastructure is in badly need of repair, with current estimates anywhere between $1.5 to $3 trillion and growing each day.

Has anyone asked where this money is going to come from? I guess it seems like a trivial issue given the current problems. But it's going to be a huge problem in the not-so-distant future. My guess is that Washington 's inability to pay for these repairs will ultimately lead to the privatization of the transportation department, prison system and many more services expected by taxpayer.

It's easy to forget so many of the devious and fraudulent activities of Washington , corporate America and Wall Street. When the media isn't distracting you with Britney Spears, Paris Hilton, Hannah Montana and O.J. Simpson, they are broadcasting shills and morons who lie about the real situation in the economy. Combine these smoke signals with the fact that Americans are struggling more than any time in at least the past three decades, and it's easy for people to forget the source of the abuse. I'm here to remind you.

Still, the abuse continues, from virtually every major drug company defrauding Medicare and Medicaid of billions, HMOs gauging prices and refusing coverage while employers shift higher costs to employees, CEOs destroying companies and leaving with dynasties, while the most fortunate segment of the working class continues the Bush-era trend of benefit cuts and no wage growth, while struggling to pay for food, gas and healthcare. Others have lost their jobs as corporations dump them for the cheap labor created by unfair free trade policies endorsed by Washington .

What kind of bozos are running this country? The only winners in this massive socialistic bailout will be the banks and the CEOs who will escape criminal prosecution.  My advice to those of you with children is to start looking to move to Asia, Latin America or Europe because America 's future doesn't look good. Unless you are wealthy, your children don't stand much of a chance to live the American Dream. Even I never would have predicted things to turn out this bad, and everyone was calling me a doom and gloomer and a nut two years ago when I predicted the collapse of Fannie, Freddie, the banks housing prices to decline by 30%, and the stock market to collapse.

You Own Junk Bonds, Like it or Not :: The Market Oracle :: Financial Markets Analysis & Forecasting Free Website

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