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Illinois hospital bill cap to help uninsured patients goes into effect

Posted Apr 06 2009 7:50pm

According to this article, 200% over cost for uninsured patients?  That’s a big chunk of money.  Many hospitals have already begun a standard of helping the uninsured with discounts as well.  What good are the charges if you can’t collect.   Inflated numbers can also skew the amount of income reported as well, and perhaps not show a realistic accurate view of receivables.  BD 

The Hospital Uninsured Patient Discount Act reduces charges for uninsured Illinois patients and prevents discriminatory pricing based on a patient’s insurance status, Illinois Attorney General Lisa Madigan’s office said Monday.

On average, hospitals charge uninsured patients rates that exceed 200 percent over cost, according to Madigan’s office.

When the law goes into effect Wednesday, hospital charges to the eligible uninsured cannot exceed the costs of the services plus 35 percent. The new law also places an annual cap on the amount that hospitals can collect from eligible uninsured patients, limiting the total amount to 25 percent of the patient’s family income during a 12-month period.

Illinois hospital bill cap goes into effect Wednesday - St. Louis Business Journal:

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