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iBreath Alcohol Breathalyzer add on for the iPhone

Posted Dec 20 2008 7:16pm 1 Comment

Well this is a more upscale post from the last one I did referencing the iPhone.  This actually looks to be a very good device for all of us who have had a glass or more of wine or alcoholic beverage. We all used common sense and “think” we are ok, but a little technology to the rescue here and let’s get some real time results.   Drunk drivers kill many every year and bring the injured to the already over packed emergency rooms as well.

Looks very simple in using, all you do is blow on the wand and results are rendered!  In the meantime, I guess we can all still wait until Intel gets the final technology done for cars that will take over and drive you home as well.  The cars just use two quad core servers like you can buy off the shelf.  I used to do some retail training for Intel and last year when I rolled out the story on my Tablet PC to show the state of the future, the first thing that was mentioned by many was when this car gets out I can drink and drive, so perhaps a smart car too down the road that will make decisions for us as well.   Check out all the links on this DARPA sponsored project with autonomous cars at the post too, there’s quite a few.

In the meantime, we have the iPhone iBreath solution to help us find out where our alcohol level may be.  The video below gives some additional details.   $80.00 and it connects to the iPhone and even an iPod and doubles as an FM transmitter, so listen to some music if you have not had any alcohol.   BD 

Intel The Car Company – Could Happen and Perhaps a Good Idea as there’s a lot more to this story and technology


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Well i think this might be the good for the iphone users ,but frankly i am not an alchololic to judged on this but what i like to share my experince in iphone is that am not always so positive about watching the HD video's in mobile,recently i had an i-phone and i use to browse some of the best video sharing youtube resources on and other online video sites and i am really amazed with the high resoultion and streaming of the video even with low bandwidth i think that really had changed my perception of watching online videos in cell phones.
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