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Humana and CVS Minute Clinics Partner To Add More Services for Members such as Life Synch and InnoPsych

Posted Dec 01 2009 10:03pm

Part of the agreement will encourage Humana members to use the Minute Clinics for routine screening tests, ie. blood pressure, etc.  Also by using a Minute Clinic facility, members will be encourage to use the wellness coach subsidiary, Life Synch of Humana which provides a 24/7 phone number for help and question as well as the website.  

In just looking at the website there are some interesting pages here, and it appears they want to know as much about you as possible.  One page I found interesting was this one:

Integrated Medical-Behavioral Health Care Management

(You will learn how to behave yourself in order to save money, read on if this got your attention)

From the website:

“There are three key observations from several studies conducted over the past decade that confirm the need for this functional competency:

Individuals with serious acute and chronic medical conditions are at high risk for developing behavioral health problems. image

Cancer, chronic pain, and disabling trauma represent a few of the many medical problems that may cause or exacerbate such behavioral health disorders as depression and substance abuse.

Individuals with chronic behavioral health problems are high users of medical care.

Individuals suffering from alcoholism are at high risk for accidents and injuries. Individuals suffering from clinical depression have frequent problems with eating and sleeping that lead to a variety of medical disorders. These are two examples of several medical problems that result from behavioral health problems..

Individuals with behavioral health problems frequently access their primary health care provider for treatment of their behavioral health disorder.

Recent studies indicate that perhaps as many as 70% of all prescriptions for psychiatric medication are written by non-psychiatric physicians. Additionally, a substantial number of those prescriptions are written for patients who have no behavioral health diagnosis in their medical records”

I noticed also that Milliman Company was listed as a partner, and they are one of those companies that sell your medication records to make money, I image have posted on those folks numerous times.

Health Insurance Underwriting Practices With Prescription Data – How Does This Work

Minute Clinics use electronic medical records and by using a facility you will have the start of an electronic medical record and you can transfer the information into your Google Health or HealthVault account and be a participating patient.

The downside of this is the psycho analysis algorithms that come with the Wellness program in wanting to anticipate and figure you out and why you do and say what you do when it comes to your healthcare and the efforts to try and “fix” you in order to save money.  There’s an entire page that explains the psycho analysis section to employers as well, InnoPsych.  

They are not the only carrier doing this as Integrated Medical-Behavioral Health Care Management is becoming a prime target for all carriers so they can anticipate how much you are going to cost them and they want to fix you before your risk management score gets outside the boundaries of the algorithms they have established so you can remain a positive money member and not venture over to the side where you are in the red, their red that is. 

If you are a provider the LifeSynch page has a place where you can sign up to be an approved provider.  I could not make all of this up, it is spelled out on the website so take a look for yourself.  When you begin getting into the heavy areas of psycho analysis with data, privacy doesn’t exist at all.  Again, moderating our behavior is good and anyone can improve some of what we do but when we are analyzed down to the last bean and judged, it will tend to defeat the very purpose of what we are trying to accomplish here. 

Actually I think the Minute Clinics are a good idea and on occasion I chat with one of the facilities in my area, it’s just the bundled packages that make me a bit uneasy and some of the “for profit” folks involved here that stand to make money fixing us, while they continue to go “unfixed” themselves, a bit of a slam of big brother here.  I see no role models of any sort in this effort, just control issues and dollars for the most part and I ask will you be happy with your health insurance models of the future that are in full business model development now?  BD 

Minute Clinic Visits Pricing and What you Should Bring with You – Medical Information and History

Humana Inc. HUM and MinuteClinic, the retail health care division of CVS Caremark CVS announced today that the two companies have

agreed to collaborate on activities designed to expand Humana-member access to convenient health care services.

These activities will be totally integrated and connected with Humana’s existing health care programs and services and will focus on the convenient management of routine illnesses, identifying and managing gaps in care and making a variety of screenings available to help identify risk factors for chronic illnesses.

In addition, as part of the collaboration, Humana and MinuteClinic will coordinate interfaces between their electronic medical records systems to streamline communication around all aspects of a patient’s care. Humana and MinuteClinic will also explore the development of new services in the market designed to further enhance member health and wellness.

Humana and CVS Caremark’s MinuteClinic Expand Member Access to Convenient Quality Care: Business Wire Business News - MSN Money

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