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Howmuch should a Laryngoscopy cost?

Posted by Bill

We were billed in excess of $735, by U of MN Med Center Fairview in Minneapolis where my daughter is an undergrad student, for what my daughter took 5 minutes with no anesthia or other prep.  That seems high to me.

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I was billed $206 and thought that was too high. This site here quotes a price with a anesthesia fee of about that much. It seems to me that they charged you for the anesthesia instead of the laryngoscopy. 

Our total bill is $800 which breaks down to $316 for the office visit and $496 for the Laryngoscopy, the total visit was less than 20 mins. I took my son there to figure out his coughing problem. I asked them why I was charged with the office visit while doing the Laryngoscopy diagnose? How on earth can I do the Laryngoscopy without an office visit? They couldn't answer me and instead sending my complaint to their billing department. This is still on going. It's ridiculous! I think the doctor's billing practice is really corrupted in this country.
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