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How to implement organizational change - We have our change team, now where do we find our quick win.

Posted Jul 02 2009 6:31pm

At this time, we probably have a forming change team. It is now time to scope out the low hanging change fruit for quick and early wins. Early wins build momentum and confidence in the change initiative, but one has to choose an early win wisely. Have you every picked an orange fresh from the tree, peeled and then found it rotting from the core? Didn't want another orange right away did you? Same deal, with the early wins for your change initiative. On the flip side if you did pick a nice juicy orange, wouldn't it be easier to get others to join in next time?

When looking for an early win, keep in mine that it will be the foundational beam of your change. It should be purposefully considered and worth the investment of your change initiative. Here is a quick checklist to validate this is a good early win.

  • The win can be implemented within 30 days

  • The outcomes are noticeable and will resonate with others

  • The outcomes are likely to be achieved, but it isn't no brainer solution

  • The win and outcomes lines up with the overall change strategy

  • The quick win and outcomes are marketable

  • The quick win positions another quick win

Another key consideration is that the quick win must be marketable. Others should be able to hear of the quick win and have it resonate with them. Marketing can be done by word of mouth, champions pointing to the success, and through other standard techniques within your organization.

With our healthcare PMO, the tried and tested first quick win normally is a project dashboard. The executive leadership team provides acceptance and agreement to the information being provided. The IT leadership team provides transparency for their current efforts. It is all around a very good early win for a healthcare PMO.

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