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How to Control Large Amount of Urine Protein

Posted Jun 05 2012 10:16am

Large amount of urine protein is the prominent characteristic of Nephrotic Syndrome. Loss of protein can cause many problems, such as Hypoalbuminema, malnutrition as well as further damage to the kidneys. Therefore, controlling large amount of urine protein is of great importance. Then how to realize it? Two ways in the following passages will be provided.

Dietary management

Low-protein diet matters much. In the past, patients are suggested to limit protein intake in 1.2 to 1.6 gram per kilogram body weight per day. However, this may lead to glomerulosclerosis. Nowadays, protein intake is composed of healthy person’s daily intake (1.0 gram per kilogram body weight) and the amount of protein lost with the urine (you can know it through urine test).

In addition, to make sure enough calories is also necessary. With enough calories, the body can well use protein, rather than consuming it to produce calorie.

Proper treatments

In clinic, corticosteroids, immunosuppressive agents and cytotoxic agents are frequently used. They are effective in treating symptoms, like swelling and urine protein. But it is easy to relapse, especially in childhood Nephrotic Syndrome and repeated relapse will further damage the kidneys. They reason why it relapses is that the medicines above don’t treat Nephrotic Syndrome thoroughly. In other word, they don’t solve the root problem---glomerular epithelial cells are damaged. The damaged epithelial cells cannot stop protein from leaking out. Therefore, only when glomerular epithelial cells are repaired or replaced, loss of protein can be avoided thoroughly.

At present, Stem Cell Transplant can solve this problem; because stem cells are able to differentia into epithelial cells, which can be used to replace the failed ones. Besides, stem cells can stimulate growth factors in the body to repair those damaged epithelial cells. In this way, Stem Cell Transplant can solve the root cause of protein urine. However, stem cells need a clean internal milieu to grow. As is known to all, due to impaired renal function, there are lots of metabolic wastes accumulating in the body of patient with Nephrotic Syndrome. To get over this problem, Micro-Chinese Medicine Osmotherapy is applied. It can effectively clean internal milieu by anti-coagulation, anti-inflammation, enlarging blood vessels and degrading extra cellular matrixes. Hence, stem cells can take effect in a clean internal milieu.

If you are a patient with Nephrotic syndrome, you can take the ways above into consideration. As a matter of fact, treatment is more important than diets. However, improper treatment can worsen the disease. Therefore, be careful when making a decision. Please consult experts online if you want more information.  

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