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How to Clean the Rust of Sand Making Machine

Posted Nov 13 2012 8:31am

At present, the sand making machine is generally widely used in mining, building materials, highway and other places with complex environment. Faced with the test of outdoor weather changes, it is easy to show signs of rust after a long time, which will not only undermine the aesthetic appearance of the sand making machine, but also affect the flexibility of the machine. Therefore, in view of this situation, the professional technical staff in Henan Hongxing Mining Machinery will introduce some ways to clean the rust of the sand making machine for users.
Under normal circumstances, we often use the dilute hydrochloric acid to remove the rust on the mechanical equipment. However, the rust stuff soaking in the dilute hydrochloric acid for too long time will also react out the materials of the equipment by the way. In order to reduce the annoyance of the users during the using process, we will explore the rust removing operations for the sand making machine.
The first method is the chemical rust removal, which mainly uses the chemical reaction between the acid and the metal oxide to remove the corrosion products on the metal surface of the sand making machine. The chemical rust removal is commonly known as the pickling rust removal, which can only be operated in the workshop.
The second way is the high pressure water abrasive rust removal, which has the features of no dust pollution. In addition, the method will not damage the steel plate. The rust removal efficiency will be greatly improved, which can be up to more than 15m2/h. The quality of the rust removal is also good. However, the steel plate after rust removal is easily to return the rust. You should coat with the specifically wet paint, which has great impact on the coating of the paint with general performance.
The third is the small pneumatic or electric rust removal, which mainly makes the electricity or the compressed air as the power. The appropriate rust removal device is assembled for reciprocating or rotary movement to adapt to a variety of occasions of the rust removal. The angle grinder, wire brush, the pneumatic needle beam rust removal, pneumatic knock rust hammer, tooth rotation dust removal belong to the semi-mechanized equipment. This dust removal method can be used at any part of the machine. 

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