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how much should I expect to spend for an mri of my brain? I have no insurance

Posted by paula

I had an episode of amnesia while driving.  My doctor has referred me to a neurologist, and I will probably have to have an MRI.  How much should the MRI cost?  I live in San Diego, CA.
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Hi Paula, 

Prices for an MRI can range anywhere from $450-$2500 so shopping around for the best value (price + quality) is really important.  If you have health insurance and this procedure is covered, you should try to find facilities within your network.  If you are paying cash for the MRI, you definitely should shop around.  Always research the price upfront before you visit the provider.  Here are some websites/tools to help you find an MRI facility in your area that offers the best value.


Best regards,

Mona Lori

Thanks for the websites, but especially for your fast response to my question.  Sincerely, paula
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