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How Medical Transcription Services Can Help You

Posted Sep 17 2012 4:28am

If you know how medical transcription services can help you, you’ll understand why outsourcing of this back office process is actually not a bad idea. Whether you are an individual physician, or practice at a clinic or multi-specialty hospital, you’ll find these services deserving of your time and money. You can outsource transcription for any kind of medical specialty or medical record because of the extensive expertise you will be able to tap.

Medical Transcription Services – the Benefits

• 99 Percent Accuracy – This accuracy level is difficult to consistently achieve in-house. Such high accuracy would ensure that your patients’ medical records are interpreted in the proper manner and that the patients are provided with the most suitable treatment. Accuracy would also protect your reputation or that of your healthcare practice. Thirdly, an accurate medical record is credible proof in your favor in a case of medical malpractice.

• HIPAA Compliance – The staff of superior medical transcription outsourcing companies undergo periodic HIPAA training and monitoring for HIPAA adherence. Besides that, they would have signed documents stating they would maintain confidentiality and privacy of the information they handle.

• Reduced Responsibilities Free Up More Time for Patient Welfare – When the back office task is outsourced, you don’t have to spend time and resources on employing, training and paying transcription staff. You also don’t have to take efforts for quality control in this area. This would leave you with more time to dedicate to patient welfare.

• Cut Costs – Using expert medical transcription services means you don’t have to spend money for recruitment, training, software, equipment and salary requirements of transcription staff. That would bring down the operating costs considerably. You would also benefit from a lower per line rate, volume discounts and no set up costs.

• The Benefit of Offshore Service Locations – If the outsourcing solution provider gets the work done from offshore locations such as India or the Philippines, it is an additional benefit for you. The time zone differences would enable you to function like a 24/7 practice (you delivering healthcare during your regular working hours and them performing the back office task in the night hours that are actually day hours for them). In addition, these offshore destinations are a source of skilled yet low cost manpower. This means reduced operating costs.

• Flexibility – This flexibility can be observed in dictation and file transfer options, formatting, turnaround and choice of international or local transcription.

• Eliminates Backlog – When performing transcription in-house, there is the problem of staffs’ leave and holidays which can lead to backlog. This situation can be countered or avoided by outsourcing.

• Online Editing – You can view files and edit them even when transcription is in progress.

• Easy to Access Old Reports – You become a password protected user who can easily access reports that had been transcribed maybe a couple of months or a year earlier, through a secure medium.

Use the Free Trial

Now you know how medical transcription services can help you. You can evaluate whether a particular service provider is good for you by making full use of their free trial.

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