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How Long Does Cellulaze Work

Posted Jun 19 2012 2:54am

Cellulaze is the FDA cleared cellulite reduction treatment device from Cynosure that has already gained widespread popularity. Studies conducted by the FDA have shown that the results last for a year or even more provided you maintain a healthy diet and exercise regularly. A single cellulite laser treatment itself provides visible results, with the results continuing to improve over the next 3 – 6 months.

Why Cellulaze Is So Effective for Cellulite Treatment

The working of Cellulaze is quite different and unique. Instead of hovering on the surface of the skin, it goes deep down and addresses the structural causes of cellulite. These underlying causes are mainly two – connective tissue bands under the skin stiffening, and the fat cells they surround expanding and pushing up against the skin. The fibrous bands also pull down the skin, creating that orange peel like dimpling effect, while the fat cells pushing against the skin contribute to the cottage cheese like appearance.

Cellulite laser treatment using Cellulaze targets these problems. Tiny incisions are made on the area to be treated and a small cannula with the SideLight™3D Cellulaze laser fiber is inserted through them. The laser melts the trapped pockets of fat, which is gently removed. At the same time the fibrous bands pulling down the skin are also released. The treatment improves skin elasticity and thickness, providing smoother and younger looking skin.

Longer Lasting Results with More Focused Treatment

Traditional treatment options such as external energy devices, lotions, creams and massage treat cellulite superficially and therefore cannot bring about lasting results. They have to be provided more frequently and even then the results may not be consistent. With Cellulaze patients are ensured more effective and lasting results because it is the world’s first and only laser treatment that works  deep down under the skin to ensure lasting results even from a single treatment.
This cellulite removal treatment increases the thickness of the skin by at least twenty-five percent, thus lessening the prominence of cellulite. It also improves the skin’s elasticity by 29%, making it look smoother and younger. Studies prove that 93% of patients surveyed are extremely happy with their results one year after their procedure.

Effective Cellulaze Treatment in New York City

Reputable plastic surgery facilities in Manhattan, New York City provide treatment for cellulite reduction. The plastic surgeons here are trained and certified in providing the new Cellulaze treatment. A reliable plastic surgeon will give you all details regarding the procedure so that you can take an informed decision.

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