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How do I find the lowest price for a colonoscopy without calling a billion doctors?

Posted by davidfrmn

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You can try and see if there is a participating gastroenterologist in your area.


Start by calling ambulatory care, surgical centers and hospitals in your area to obtain an estimate on their cost.  Ask if they offer a combined rate for facility and physician fees. 

If you are in California you can search the average procedure costs at hospitals with data reported to the state at  Other states may have similar online tools.

Health care prices are not always easily available to the consumer/patient. You can  however, use some free tools to help you understand fair/average prices of what other consumers paid for similar services.  These tools incude and

If you have health insurance you should always start with the plan to find out what "your price will be" for services -  before you visit a provider.  If you will be paying cash for services, most likely the office manager/billing manager will offer you a discount if you mention paying cash up front.  The cash discount can be huge - sometimes up to 70 percent discount from the full prices.

Good luck!



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