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How Can Stem Cell Transplant Treat Diabetes

Posted Jun 05 2012 10:19am

In Shijiazhuang Kidney Disease Hospital, Stem Cell Transplant is used to treat Diabetes and Diabetic Nephropathy. This is a brand new method but has achieved good effects in clinical practice. The following is about how Stem Cell Transplant treat Diabetes.

What is Stem Cell Transplant?

Stem Cell Transplant is based on the unique characteristics of stem cells. Stem cells are a group of original cells which have the ability of differentiating into various functional cells of different organs, so they are also called “almighty cells”. There are different kinds of stem cells that have different applications and they can be used in many fields. Shijiazhuang Kidney Disease Hospital just takes advantage of these characteristics and use Stem Cell Transplant therapy in treating Diabetes and kidney diseases.

What causes Diabetes?

To better treat a disease, we must first know the causes of it. For Diabetes, there are mainly two types—type 1 Diabetes (also called juvenile Diabetes or insulin dependent diabetes) and type 2 Diabetes (once called adult onset Diabetes). Type 1 Diabetes is mainly caused by genetic factors which result in an immune inability of the beta-cells in the pancreas which can otherwise produce insulin to process blood sugar into energy. Type 2 Diabetes is the comprehensive result of both genetic factors and aquired risk factors such as obesity, less exercise and unhealthy lifestyle. Therefore, Diabetes is in fact an autoimmune disease caused by either damaged islet beta-cells or the damaged target cells receptors.

How does Stem Cell Transplant treat Diabetes?

For the above reasons, conventional treatments are insulin injection for type 1 Diabetes and medications of remitting insulin resistence for type 2 Diabetes. They are both reasonable but cannot treat the disease from the root cause—the damaged functional cells. Stem Cell Transplant can well perform this role and treat Diabetes through repairing and growing into those functional cells.

The principle of treating Diabetes with Stem Cell Transplant in Shijiazhuang Kidney Disease Hospital is blocking insulin resistance and repairing susceptible genes. The blocking function will be mainly performed by Micro-Chinese Medicine while Stem Cell Transplant mainly works in repairing and renewing the damaged functional cells including the beta-cells and the insulin receptors. The mechanisms are as follows:

1. Stem cells can repair the impaired islet cells, promoting the generation of new beta-cells;

2. By repairing the islet cells, stem cells can gradually recover their ability of producing insulin;

3. Stem cells can provide the nutrition needed for new islet beta-cells to grow;

4. Because stem cells also have the ability in repairing the receptors, it can in fact also contribute to blocking insulin resistance;

5. When stem cells enters the paitent’s body, it can promote new blood vessels to grow, which is good for improving the microcirculation disturbance;

6. Stem cells have immune reforging ability, which is good for improving organic resistance.

In a word, Stem Cell Transplant is a new but effective way in treating Diabetes. For further understanding of this therapy, please feel free to contact us:  

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