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Hospital Violence on the Rise in the US – Are Frustrations with Budget and Job Cuts Contributing Factors?

Posted Jun 16 2009 6:09pm

We are starting to see more stories in this area as levels of frustration increase.  Hospitals today are very busy places.  Healthcare workers also have a multitude of information and procedures to work with.  Dr. Oz not too long ago spoke about this on Oprah and gave some really good points and explained what is going on in hospitals today.  If you have not been in a hospital for a few years or so, the environment has changed tremendously since 10 or even 5 years ago. image

As services and costs are evaluated and perhaps limited, it’s hard to determine who the players and spectators are here and violence could happen anywhere, anytime.  We all want to believe the hospitals would be at the bottom of the list, but they appear to no longer the safe haven we have known in the past.  Will we begin seeing armed guards in more places at hospitals in the future?  As the article states, there are more visitors in hospitals these days too with working with the families of patients to help with the treatments and care of patients through involvement.  Hopefully this wont graduate to where CEOs are walking around with bullet proof vests, or anyone for that matter in a hospital facility.  BD 

CHARLESTON, W.Va.--The shooting death of a man in his bed at Charleston Area Medical Center's Memorial Hospital in Kanawha City highlights the growing list of places it's no longer OK to just walk into and feel safe.

Hospitals elsewhere have joined airports, courthouses and schools on the lists of buildings that are accessible only through some sort of security checkpoint.

CAMC officials have been tightlipped about their security measures, although the hospital does not have metal detectors. They have said they are cooperating fully with Charleston police but have provided no further comment since the Saturday afternoon incident.

Charleston Daily Mail - West Virginia News and Sports - News - Many hospitals seeing increase in violence

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