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Hospital IT Worker Hacks Manhattan Hospital System After Being Fired – Arrested and Charged

Posted Jun 09 2010 5:16pm

When you fire the IT guy and he knows the IP addresses, well it could create a problem as seen in this article.  He seems to have given this some thought for a while as he was fired back in September of 2009.  The charges listed include “4th degree computer tampering”, now that’s a new one I have not seen used yet or heard of, so I wonder what 3rd, 2nd and 1st degrees are? 

With his emails he impersonated a doctor and sent out some scathing emails here and had access to everything include patient records on the network.  From the information contained here, he didn’t have much interest in any patient information, but rather a “get even” type of compassion rumbling in his system.  We talk image about security all the time and when you trust IT individuals, firing one is even a bit more detailed as in the course of their jobs they do have access but need to comply with all privacy rules and standards and gaining access is to be only from a support or trouble shooting effort.  BD 

That's the lesson a Manhattan hospital learned the hard way after a disgruntled computer geek was busted for allegedly hacking into its internal computer network, including patient information and test results. 

Jason Wang, 45, of Long Island, wreaked havoc with the computer system at North General Hospital in Harlem after he was fired by officials there in September 2009 and proceeded to hack into the network, according to a criminal complaint filed by Manhattan DA Cyrus Vance Jr. yesterday.

Wang is also charged with using a doctor's password and credentials to send a scathing e-mail to other hospital staffers, accusing Michele Prisco, North General's vice president and chief information officer, of being a "racist."

Wang was arrested Friday and charged with one count each of computer trespass, unauthorized use of a computer, and fourth-degree computer tampering.

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