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Holding down costs or improving quality? Interest Groups Vow to Cut CostsMay 13, 2009

Posted Nov 04 2009 10:08pm

Well, it is a great first step.  One fueled by self-interest, concerns about “thrival” (thriving survival), true desire to evolve and change, and of course, concern for patients. So, yes this day brings many motives as well as players to the table of health reform.  The focus for now is on cost containment.  Laudable.  But hardly the key first step needed.  Over the next days, we will dissect this initiative and re-focus on details of “the plan” and which first steps the President and his team need to focus on to make the most happen the quickest . . . or to get the biggest bang for the buck.  What is being offered today is really the willingness to work toward reform.  In and of itself this is no small matter.  Many of the entrenched interests have been unwilling to even consider taking a leading role in designing changes to the current health care system.  Still, we are skeptical of any initiative that focuses SOLELY on holding down costs.  Especially when one considers that no matter what is done, the 75 million plus baby boomers that are turning 60 between 2006 and 2024 will undoubtedly place new demands on health care.  We have noted that item before.  So cost containment alone, cannot work in isolation, lest it become rationing and mandated control on choices available for care.  Again, a great first step . . . we will be watching . . . and stepping up our call for REAL HEALTH REFORM . . . obi jo

Industry Pledges to Control Health Care Costs

To achieve all of these goals, we have joined together in an unprecedented effort, as private sector stakeholders—physicians, hospitals, other health care workers, payors, suppliers, manufacturers, and organized labor—to offer concrete initiatives that will transform the health care system. As restructuring takes hold and the population’s health improves over the coming decade, we will do our part to achieve your Administration’s goal of decreasing by 1.5 percentage points the annual health care spending growth rate—saving $2 trillion or more. This represents more than a 20% reduction in the projected rate of growth. We believe this approach can be highly successful and can help the nation to achieve the reform goals we all share . . .

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