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HMO Insurance Quote: Does It Include Dental Insurance?

Posted May 10 2010 6:54pm

When shopping around for an HMO Insurance quote , or any type of health insurance, check to see if dental is included, and if not make sure you get some dental insurance soon.  This is true especially if you are a baby boomer.  According to the article “Baby Boomers Have Unique Dental Problems” by Julie Beun found on, baby boomers are susceptible to tooth root cavities, exposed gums, and extra sensitivity.

Even though baby boomers are keeping their teeth cleaner, they are still experiencing an increase in gum problems, dry mouth, and severe sensitivity which leads to greater problems.  One reason to explain this is that people are keeping their teeth longer.  You used to get a tooth pulled when you had problems, but now you can fix the problem and keep a tooth longer than you would of decades ago.

One of the worst problems is adult root cavities which can happen when harsh brushing and age push back gums and expose teeth more.  There is also a link between teeth problems and certain medications such as antihypertensives, antidepressants, and analgesics.  They may cause an increase in cavities among patients taking such medications.

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