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Hi-Tech Doctors Group in Amarillo Texas Will No Longer Accept Blue Cross/Blue Shield Affecting Over 11,000 Patients

Posted Aug 09 2010 7:05am

I know this doctor and this is sad that the 2 sides can’t come together.  When you look at the large geographic area covered here, it’s a lot.  Dr. Biggs is a huge image advocate of electronic medical records and all over the news today we are hearing how insurers are pushing doctors to move in this direction.  This is why it is confusing to me here as I just kind of wonder in the negotiations with the contract, did Blue Cross/Blue Shield take note of what this group is doing and see value?  You can read about some of his contributions at the link below. 

In addition Dr. Biggs is working with creating a community based HIE and did some of the footwork to get this rolling and we all know everyone benefits with sharing records as the medical records program he and many other use in the area now provides peer to peer sharing.  A while back he shared some neat information on what they are doing the IPhone too.  image

“It was more useful than expected, since we can review labs, x-ray reports, etc, and FAX these materials to doctors, ER, or hospitals on demand. All from the iPhone or Blackberry.  We are looking forward to the P2P link. Our group has 25 providers, and there are about 70 other providers in our referral area that use eCW.  For this area, that is a lot, probably about 15 -20 % of doctors that see patients”.

Knowing how hard he works with taking time to help others and knows the value of electronic records, I again just wonder if Blue Cross/Blue Shield saw the value here of if they just looked at their own bottom line without a closer look at the value being produced here for better patient care and documentation too.  Maybe they need to look again and see what this group has going here versus what we see at other offices that are not this far advanced and enthusiastic. 

Here’s one of Dr. Biggs’s video from You Tube showing patients how to use the image Patient Portal.  He also has a page of 10 videos also on using various areas of the eClinicalWorks system on his YouTube page . 

The practice has a Facebook page too.   BD

Nearly two dozen Amarillo doctors no longer will accept Blue Cross Blue Shield, a move that will affect nearly 11,000 patients who use the health insurance franchise as a primary or secondary provider.

Amarillo Medical Specialists, which has existed since 1994, consists of 23 doctors who mostly specialize in internal medicine. The group includes one neurologist and two gynecologists.

William Biggs, a member whose office is located 1215 S. Coulter St., said Blue Cross Blue Shield has not met the increasing cost of having doctors provide care.

Biggs said Blue Cross Blue Shield has provided about $65 for "common-level office visits," which includes checkups on patients who suffer from conditions such as high blood pressure and kidney infections.

Biggs, who has accepted Blue Cross for 24 years, said a number of the doctors in the group have provided Blue Cross Blue Shield for more than two decades.

The medical group has attempted to continue providing Blue Cross Blue Shield, but negotiations to increase the fee schedules have repeatedly failed, according to Biggs and an official with the health insurance company.

Biggs hopes his medical group and the health insurance company can reach an agreement later.

"They've been a good partner in the past, and we hope we can be with them again in the future," he said.

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