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Hi is there a way i can find out how much are certain medical tests? I am insured under AETNA.

Posted by drulie11

some include:

  • Stool cultures (for shigella, etc.)
  • Ova and parasite stool test
  • 18 (approx.) panel blood chemistry hematology (CBC)
  • Tetanus vaccine (within the last 5 years)
  • Tuberculosis test within the last year (or physician’s certification that you had a chest x-ray
    negative for tuberculosis)
  • Rubeola ("regular") measles vaccination (or physician’s certification that you had measles)
  • Hepatitis B test
  • Hepatitis B vaccine series if the hepatitis B test shows you have no antibodies (
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    You can call the business office for the lab you are using and ask for the cost of the test and then figure out your co-payment.  Or, the lab may be willing to estimate this for you. 

    If you have several tests you want completed at once, you can ask your physician or the lab to submit a pre-authorization and this will provide you with an estimate of your portion of the cost (co-payment and deductible), as well as, give you an idea if anything won't be covered. 


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