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HHS HealthPeople Website–More Software and Challenges for Applications and Ideas–Lacks Initiative To Invoke Collabor

Posted Dec 02 2010 8:09pm

I think if I see one more mobile application that sends a text message I’m about ready to choke.  We have graduated way beyond that and besides at this point we all know a phone can do it, but how many actually use this?  I’m am guessing not many and I put the reminders I need in Outlook so for me anyway, that negates any type image of healthcare program that sends text messages and besides I’m not pregnant and not intending on getting pregnant so a bit less about that program that was touted as being earth shattering would be great, not to say it doesn’t have use, but it’s only for pregnant women and does text message reminders.  Those too if not correlated properly and set up at good reminder times can also turn a consumer off too once the novelty wears off in a couple of weeks, especially if you already have other stuff going on with your phone.

I think we get lost in way too many applications that do one thing and one thing only and thus there’s not enough value.  One example that I have quoted before are the inhaler devices.  One company I have written about created a blue tooth inhaler that reports and records data, while the government has an inhaler with the GPS unit, so why do these 2 not get together?  Its makes sense if you have one with a unique GPS capability why not have it do data too?  See we don’t get this yet and again my opinion here is this challenge with simple applications here seems to continue to fragment further with software, which we already have a glut of, and besides that who in the world has time to look at all of it. 

NOW IF THE SITE PUT SOME “AGGREGATOR” CHALLENGES UP THERE, WE COULD BE ON TO SOMETHING.  You know this is almost like Windows trying to make a market out of each function that is in the operating system and is probably why the called Windows an operating system too as it combines a lot into one, which is what healthcare needs.  The state listing was nice here to find out who’s in charge of State Health Departments but outside of that fact I saw very little that impressed me and I used to write code and thus some of my own feelings here.

There’s also this site which is strange too and just seems like a a mini Facebook type of site called “ Healthy People.Gov.   I thought we were trying to make life image simpler and perhaps if this page ends up having something besides goals and objectives, it might hold some interest, but for now, who cares! as it seems to be very ambiguous of what is already out there on the web?  WHO HAS TIME FOR ALL OF THIS, NEW WEBSTES WIHTOUT INITIAL VALUE BEING SEEN DO LITTLE ANY MORE AND CERTAINLY DON’T HOLD AN AUDIENCE VERY LONG. 

I’m not picking on HHS by any means as their HealthCare.Gov site is great and I keep badge a link on my blog so people can find it immediately, it does have value, but these other 2 sites today in my opinion, lack it.  The government will be like Microsoft and Apple in throwing away what doesn’t work out there in time too.  All software houses do that and this is no different. 

Right now we are marketed up to our ears and at times if I have to hear anymore about healthcare at the end of my day, I want to scream as again I watch out for the privacy portions and research and look and separate those who have helpful applications from those who want to make a quick buck and mine your data and there’s tons out there today.  In final thoughts too, get  unemployment extension through Congress as you may find many of those folks perhaps exploring this area to generate a little income, even though it is not much, but you will end up getting what you pay for.  Again, maybe it’s just me but I didn’t find much value here at all with this site as it leads away from collaboration and innovation without collaboration can’t stand on it’s own.  It’s almost ridiculous to put out a 10 year goal as we don’t know where we are going to be in 5 years, so maybe  a year at a time could be better as that allows for adjustments with the new left curve that technology throws us everyday.  BD 

As part of its new roadmap to improve healthcare quality, the Health & Human Services Department has challenged developers to create applications for professionals who are working on national health objectives and with state and community data.

HHS detailed the “ myHealthyPeople ” challenge as a part of its Healthy People 2020, the nation’s next set of 10-year goals and objectives for health promotion and disease prevention, which it unveiled Dec. 2.

For the past 30 years, HHS has made its Healthy People effort a framework for public health prevention priorities and actions. Chronic diseases, such as heart disease, cancer and diabetes, are responsible for seven out of every 10 deaths annually and account for 75 percent of the nation’s health spending, said HHS Secretary Kathleen Sebelius.

Many of the risk factors that contribute to the development of these diseases are preventable.

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