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Hey is there silk in my spinach? ...

Posted Nov 10 2008 4:17pm

Hey is there silk in my spinach?  We know we all like to wear it, but will we be eating it sometime in the near future?  A couple scientists have already created optical components, like lenses and sensors, out of protein from silk.  It is biodegradable.  Many of these stories sound like science fiction and myself I used to consider them the same, but with today's technology, you just don't know what may roll out next. image

The Defense Department's Advanced Research Projects Agency has an investment in this technology as well.  So perhaps down the road our vegetables may have a warning sensor, letting us know if the vegetables we all love are safe from bacteria.  This research is going on at Tufts.  BD 

Silk from the humble silkworm has been used by humans for thousands of years, mostly to create textiles, but it appears that this remarkable material is on the verge of entering a dramatic new role. It may some day save your life.

If the sensor detects E. coli, for example, the film would change colors to whatever color reflects the presence of the bacteria. If it's red, the film would turn red, as in a litmus test.

ABC News: Edible 'Sensor' Could Alert You to E. Coli

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