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Helps Mom and Babies bond...add ...

Posted Nov 10 2008 4:21pm

Helps Mom and Babies bond...add you scent to the "hand" pillow..and has use in hospitals as well for children experiencing long term stays...BD 

The Zaky® is the award-winning bonding, therapeutic, and positioning pillow, ergonomically designed to assist parents and their children feel closer to each other. image

It is a soft but heavy pillow that imitates the look, feel, weight, scent, and warmth of the parents’ hand and forearm. It assures proper positioning, helps with pain management and sleep, provides a sense of protection, and assists with the physical and psychological development of the child.

Scent it - place it on the chest for a night or with a drop of perfume/after-shave   Warm it - in the dryer or towel warmer for a few minutes

Wash/Dry it- in the washing bag provided     Control the weight and firmness - by shifting the filling

The Zaky is the only product specifically developed to have the scent of mom, so it help babies bond with their mothers even when they are away from each other.  It is the only product designed to stay with the baby to give him/her comfort and a sense of protection when he/she changes environments (hospital, car, home, sitter, child-care, etc).  It is fully washable (comes with its own washing bag) and it is made with extremely high quality workmanship.

Children and adults that have a long stay due to cancer, burns or other treatments etc. and families cannot stay 24/7 find the Zaky comforting as it smells and feels like their loved ones.  It also helps on positioning after surgical procedures.
Some moms swap scented Zakys with the child so both feel closer to each other (moms scent it for the child and the child scents it for his/her mom)

Zakeez - "give your baby a hand" (tm)

Hat Tip:  Medgadget

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