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Help @lucienengelen, quick!

Posted Jan 26 2013 6:08pm
I've been so busy that I've let down my friend Lucien Engelen, but maybe you can help me make amends.  You see, he sent out a message a few days ago asking for an intense 24-hour crowdsourcing of ideas for a presentation he needs to make next week.  He notes:

We at Radboud University Medical Center are in the midst of change while running the quest of how to cope with the big challenges that we are facing in healthcare. Doubling demand, budget cuts shortage of skilled personnel combined with better-informed patients and exponential growing technology are rapidly entering this space.

Paradigm-shifts in which doctors become guides instead of gods , better informed patients that start monitoring themselves, review- and rating sites that enter the healthcare-arena are challenging. On the other hand the ample ambition to deliver more quality in less time for less budget. Are we still delivering healthcare the same way in 2020 or will things change and even disappear ?

How do we ‘teach’ our new colleagues to face the challenges between quality of care and the pressure that is being put’ on them and compassion on the ‘other’ end.

To cope with these aspects as an Academic Medical Center we of course want to mould them into our education. Partially we are achieving this through master classes and conferences , but we also want to change the curriculum for our medical students.

Next Thursday we have a big meeting on this matter in which I will present my view on this subject.

Let’s assume we can come up with the same, better, unsighted, unexpected views topics in a little social media experiment; so we need YOU ;-)

By running this on LinkedIn, on Facebook and Twitter for 24 hours I want to show how powerful crowdsourcing this is and how we could use this in healthcare as a whole.

Let’s agree on some points to keep this clear and clean :
  • please share your thoughts below in comments
  • keep it short
  • use topics not sentences
  • share and/or RT this message in your communities
  • especially students-networks are important encourage them to share and reply in one of the networks
We then will make a summary of all the comments that l will present to the meeting, our board and also will publish on slideshare of course.

So the BIG question is :
What do we need to incorporate in a REshaped curriculum for medical students to be sustainable for the upcoming changes in healthcare?

Please add your comments here or on Lucien's post.  I don't think it is too late!
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