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HealthQuest Eases Scanning Issues with Open MRI

Posted Jul 03 2013 9:52am
Located in Brooklyn, NYC, HealthQuest offers state-of-the-art Open Magnetic Resonance Imaging or Open MRI.  In addition to providing high resolution images for enhanced patient analysis, the open MRI procedure is proving ideal for patients who are claustrophobic as well as children and obese patients.

The images are helpful to doctors for performing clinical diagnosis for their patients. This new innovative scanning system is patient-friendly for those who are uncomfortable and those who are claustrophobic with traditional MRI scanning system. The open imaging system at HealhtQuest offers specific advantages for both physicians and patients:

• Better images with more precise details for superior patient evaluation
• Open on all sides, allowing a comfortable scanning experience
• Resolves claustrophobia associated with closed MRI
• Shorter examination time as the patient is in machine for a diminished time. This also improves patient compliance during the procedure
• Magnets themselves can be moved to the exact position that has to be scanned such as for a knee MRI
• Obese patients are more easily accommodated
• Reduces scanning trauma for children and elderly patients including bariatric and orthopedic patients 
• Quiet scanning process, without any disturbing sounds as in the closed system
• No pain or discomfort
• Safe and uncomplicated
• Comfortable scan in spacious setting
• Ideal for brain, spine, elbow, hip, ankle and shoulder MRI

The open MRI scan can help reveal medical abnormalities such as lumbar spinal stenosis, tumor, spondylolisthesis, joint disorders, abnormal fluid in the skull, lumbar disc herniation and more, helping physicians in early detection and treatment of disease. 

At HealthQuest, brain MRI and spine MRI are performed using the high quality AIRIS II open MRI scanner provides the physicians with clear images of the soft tissues such as ligaments, muscles and even blood vessels. Shorter scan time, easier access and positioning, and quality images ensure that patients benefit from quicker MRI results.

About HealthQuest

Located in Brooklyn, HealthQuest multi-specialty healthcare center offers wide range of innovative treatments using the latest technology. The team of healthcare specialists has a unique approach to treatment that allows patients to return quickly to a pain-free lifestyle.

More details are available at

Contact Information
3500 Nostrand Ave
Brooklyn, NY 11229
Ph: (718) 769-2521

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