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HEALTHeME — Mobile Health System Fights Obesity

Posted Jun 24 2010 9:02pm

HEALTHeME , a new mobile health and wellness company co-founded by Sloan Rachmuth and Guy Rachmuth, is helping primary care physicians manage their overweight patients outside the clinic walls. “Primary care physicians are on the front lines of diagnosing and treating obesity, but they are having hard time bending the curve,” explains Guy. “The reason obesity is so difficult to treat is because it truly requires a multidisciplinary approach of nutrition, exercise, and behavior therapy, but providers are not reimbursed by third-party payors for devoting that extra time.  Our goal was to lower the barrier to these experts.”

HEALTHeME uses a mix of phone texting and web messaging systems. Sloan explains their approach, “”Health messaging is a science in and of itself, and requires understanding of psychology of the person receiving the message. We really took the time to understand and master that and designed advanced algorithms to target our patients with content that they would relate to.”

The HEALTHeME system makes treatment a truly participatory endeavor for both patients and physicians. They start by having the physicians literally write a simple script for HEALTHeME, indicating the diet type, exercise plan, and other health parameters the provider wants the patient to monitor. A personalized plan is created by leveraging web and mobile technologies to proactively communicate with patients on a daily basis, sending them relevant and personal coaching tips on ways to modify their behavior. To ensure accountability, the physicians receive a report from HEALTHeME every several weeks, which then allows them to hone in on particular problems.

HEALTHeME, which just launched in April, is already generating revenue and reports that physicians are eagerly adopting their new platform.

Sloan Rachmuth will demonstrate the HEALTHeME system and share their results at e-Patient Connections 2010 in Philadelphia on September 28-29th.

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