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Healthcare Tourism: Healthcare Getting Individuals Across the Borders

Posted Dec 15 2012 7:31am
Globalization has made the nations all over the planet to come nearer. So do, the individuals of different nations come nearer. People all over the planet choose to cross the boundaries to take the benefit of the affordable therapy available outside their own nations. Hence the medical travel and leisure industry is quickly growing as a successful industry all around the planet. The present case is not like the one when individuals used to move to the western globe to cure their diseases because the innovative and today's technology to cure the same was not available in their nations. On the contrary, individuals even from the western globe move to the developing nations where medical solutions are available at relatively at a cheaper amount.
Medical travel and leisure has grown and designed quickly during the last 15 years. But still the said industry is determined as a young industry, which many government authorities and companies want to tap into. The aspects like cheaper of, reduced costs associated with negligence lawsuits and insurance coverage, less strict regulating surroundings, the limited participation of third party payers helps to lessen the price of therapy in medical holiday locations.
People perform medical travel and leisure for a variety of treatments. For example, hip and joint alternatives, backbone surgery therapy, ophthalmology, renal transplants, in vitro fertilizing, cancer treatments, memory foam techniques, surgical therapy, heart surgery therapy, etc. Currently, the medical travel and leisure industry is generating high income in nations like India, Singapore, Thailand, and Malaysia. The progress of Healthcare Tourism actually increases the economy apart from benefitting the individuals who prefer to trip for health-related reasons. These places are able to raise their earnings ultimately by using the cheap wellness techniques. Visitors spend their money to experience and trip the nations. To entice medical tourists, many nations offer rewards. Not only is there an increase in income, but there are more jobs being designed in the travel and leisure industry, such as hotel solutions and companions for destinations. 
Search of offshore healthcare involves careful research for the consumer. Healthcare travel and leisure agencies are being designed to help act as middlemen between patients and the doctors. Information for directing customers in choosing travel companions or making their own preparations for offshore care is provided on their websites by the Industry companies such as the Healthcare Tourism Association.
The complete revenues of the said industry are expected to complete $100 billion dollars this year, compared with $79 billion dollars in 2010. The international medical travel and leisure industry is increasing at a amount of 25-35%. One of the biggest aspects in the development of the medical travel and leisure industry is the reliable worldwide qualification. In 1999, countering to a international demand for qualification requirements, the US-based Combined Percentage released its worldwide affiliate agency, the Combined Percentage International (JCI). Hence a worldwide medical center must meet the same set of extensive requirements set forth in the US by the Combined Percentage in order to be certified by the JCI. Currently, more than 400 features all over the planet have been granted JCI qualification and that number is increasing by about 20% yearly.
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