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Healthcare Reform Getting Pretty Ugly as Nobody Seems To Be Able to Find a “Pool” Large Enough to Spread the Expense

Posted Oct 07 2010 9:01am

In writing and following the daily news as to what is taking place here in California and all over the US, it appears reform is getting to be much more complicated than anticipated with waivers and insurance carriers battling with what they want to allow and it’s once again all boiling down to money.  We live in very complicated image times and when Medicare was created we didn’t live in the same world; however it has been the backbone for healthcare for seniors and we will all get there one day. 

Sure there are rising costs all over the place and I feel many do not embrace or acknowledge the fact that technology throws us a new left curve every day, the innovative times we have today is nothing like any of us have ever seen, and in full respect to all, anyone in public office is not going to have a solid plan but rather it’s more like do the best you can and keep on top of daily developments and changes so thus the GOP wanting to revoke some of the work that has been done is only a step backwards to the 70s mentality.  It won’t work as we have lawmakers still trying to create laws that relate to a time when things were much simpler.  It is time to stop the blame shifting that is going on and to try to collaborate as best we can.  It’s not Gumby and Pokie anymore.

Insurance in the basic concept is taking expenses and spreading it out over a large pool of individuals  so everyone can get care and we have evolved far from that concept with companies rolling on the stock market and adding pressures of dividends for investors and all of this gets in the way of the basic concept here.  Allowing insurers to go public was a mistake years ago but we can’t go back and blame but rather should look at what we did and go forward with some better solutions as there’s no great white hope hanging around the corner. A year ago I predicted image that HHS and all their responsibilities were going to be a very heavy Health IT area, and thus so, those who recognize this and have some first hand experience in how to put the wheels in action were going to be needed as you can’t guess at this stuff anymore and the IT folks are no longer in a position to take political statements and create magic processes to make it workThere’s a ton more code and processes out there that didn’t even exist 5 years ago.

Wendell Potter Tell All Book–Deadly Spin–One to Put On My List as “He Knows Algorithms and How they Create Profits”

Right now we are gambling with human lives out there and creating a system to where czars can control who gets care and who does not, which is against the principles of what we stand for in the US, and if you don’t think this is true, read the news every day, I do.  Perhaps the biggest error or issue here is not having a private option as we seem to be lacking a check and balance system here and granted devices and drugs are giving some relief but perhaps not enough so what is the value of some of the innovation we are seeing?  We have a lot of neat things going on with potential cures and treatments, but when you look closer where’s the true funding coming from for what we need today – philanthropy.  Nobody was addressing malaria until the Gates Foundation gave it a focus as the profit structures for companies to work on this were not there and yet it kills many every year. 

A single payer plan is not that simple either but could be done with planning as you have Medicare contractors owned by insurance subsidiaries.  Pay very close attention today to company subsidiary action as super business intelligence networks are being created with combining and mining data and with the “for profit” structure we have today, competition if fierce as to who can gobble up the best companies to yield the biggest and best profits.  The payers have the data and infrastructure and for a single payer plan to work, the government would need to have this data as well. 

We teeter on a level of disruption and distraction that keeps us from focusing on core issues and seem to thrive on the next OMG story that comes out and image yes there’s interest in some these stories but it should not be to the point to where it demands focus that takes us away from what is at hand.  We have citizens that hate technology and then we have the opposite of geeks that jump on every stick of software and innovation that pops up without proven functionality but it looks good and does one small process for them.  Small personal interest groups in a one step software application kills us with the over all picture.  The public will generally let one know if it is a hit or not and somewhat set the pace, like the IPad for a simple example, great consumer response and in the masses. 

Coming back full circle we are at a cross road to where we need to decide how to let the government work for us or if we are more content to gamble on investments when it comes to care, which has been the stage set for a number of years.  After seeing flash crashes and worse, is this a good option?  I don’t feel good about it as there’s too much at stake and we live in a time of a lot of uncertainties and this creates a whole new lot that maybe doesn’t need to be there.  The world will be full of uncertainties and adding more seems to be a very futile decision right now when we do have the power to at least limit some of this and thus the GOP plan is not much more than a roll back to the 70s which will fail us and I think we all kind of can see that, but need to maybe admit and realize this without casting our fate to the wind, which is pretty much what it is. 

So by the time all the fighting is done over profiteering and those with technology have used their algorithmic formulas to create profits where they did not exist before we will in fact end up with very little and end up being a country in a constant state of chaos as tempers will rise and the lifestyles we have enjoyed for years will continue on a downward spiral. There’s no 2 ways about it, those with the mathematical formulas have been in a position to do some good things, but on the other hand it has been one of the biggest spoofs dumped on a society that is not up to the literacy levels in all areas to image comprehend. 

We all need to come together and quit fighting and work together as a country or the “Spoof for Profit” movement will continue as there’s a lot that goes on behind the scenes that most are not aware of and mathematical formulas run 24/7 and if you have not taken notice, see what you get on the web today with companies throwing more algorithms at you to guide you in one direction or the other and keep in mind there’s pretty much always big profits behind the mathematical spoofs you see today

Not everyone presents spoofs out there but the growing number is certainly beginning to outweigh those who are offering accurate information and collaboration that we need to dig our way out and thus in light of this ugly situation today a single payer plan established by the government might in fact end up being a partial solution to at least cool down the pressure cooker.  BD

The House Republican pledge unveiled two weeks ago would turn back the clock on health care progress. Rep. Pete Stark (D-CA), Chairman of the House Ways and Means Health Subcommittee, today criticized the Republican plan to allow insurers to discriminate against people with pre-existing conditions.

"The Republican pledge is a health insurers' bill of rights, rolling back important protections for people with pre-existing conditions," said Chairman Stark. "As with health insurance contracts, read the fine print when it comes to Republicans and their supposed assistance for people with pre-existing conditions. Limited protections only apply if a person maintains continuous health insurance coverage, and the Republicans continue to allow insurers to charge them more and limit their benefits."

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