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Healthcare providers want reform But Cost and Education Remain Big Issues – The Big Disappointment

Posted Jun 11 2009 6:36pm

I also will add implementation and education has a lot to do with it.  Today choices are many and too confusing.   Remember the healthcare folks are there to tend to our illnesses and not have data entry as number one priority.  In writing this blog I post a lot about new technology, software, new surgical procedures and in just writing this blog to help keep others informed, it’s a lot of information and I only cover the surface of what is going on image and available. 

Payment plans suck, almost half the hospitals in the country are in the red, so with all of this going on, how do you get healthcare excited about change and using new technology. They are also marketed to the hilt, not only drug companies but technology too.  The education process needs to be a steady one and without fragmentation too.  Everybody is pulling from a different direction, all money related for the most part.  If we could just settle in a bit and stop rocking the boat for a short time for some of this to absorb, that would be great.  

Those that take care of us spend many years in medical school, something to be appreciated and with technology we can’t turn this into a complete self help world of medicine.   Technology helps and advances tremendously, but we are talking some pretty major work and lifestyle changes that don’t happen overnight.  We resist change as humans, all of us to some point.   We have had a major shift in a very short time span of information availability and that is still being digested.  When looking for government leadership in this area, we again have fragmentation as to who is going to do what and supervise or control which area, a lot of gray.  Who are the leaders in some areas, we really don’t know who to follow and patiently wait until decisions eventually get made.  

For reimbursement, we have to work with companies that are less than transparent and have a reputation of being less than honest, so how do we win with little or no concessions from the paying side, I guess it goes back to who ever has all the money calls the shots.   Any role models out there yet, I have not seen any. 

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Can we at some point begin to see some real healthcare progress?  I’m getting a little tired of marketing and dollars only myself and would really like to see some constructive and real efforts come forward.  I drove by a building yesterday that had a big sign out front “Alzheimer's Suites Available", so come on what will be next “Parkinson’s Pads for Rent”.  What makes an Alzheimer’s Suite so different than any normal living accommodation.  It just appears a little dignity is being lost to constant overdone marketing.   I don’t mean anything harmful here other than trying to point out that healthcare and treatment is something that needs research and development, not more marketing of this type. Education and awareness with dignity would be great.  

Everything I hear today is “good” for me, but I know that is not always the case, depending on what it is, but every website I see has smiling happy people on it.  I really wish that healthcare resembled more of these types of pictures.  BD

A recent survey published by healthcare connectivity solutions and services provider IVANS has shown that healthcare providers believe in the importance of reform, but are concerned about the consequences that proposed approaches could have on their businesses and patients.

The survey, the results of which come from more than 500 U.S. healthcare providers, outlined that the proposed approaches to healthcare reform (e.g., pay-for-performance and national health insurance) simply do not align with the way healthcare providers operate their businesses today, leaving providers skeptical about how they can move from point A to point B.

Those surveyed offered the opinion that, in order for healthcare reform to succeed, more modern approaches in how IT is used in healthcare are essential. Providers will require additional education and resources to institute healthcare reform, the published results state.

More than 50 percent of the healthcare providers IVANS spoke to believe the billions of dollars from the American Recovery and Reinvestment Act (ARRA) earmarked for healthcare information technology (HIT) will have little to no success in encouraging HIT adoption.

Healthcare is a mess, and there is no clear solution to cleaning it up. The government should step in, but it should not take over the healthcare industry. Everyone involved needs to pitch-in and help move things along on the technology adoption and educational fronts.

Healthcare providers want reform but fear cost is too high - Business

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