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Healthcare Marketing Blogs: The List

Posted Dec 01 2009 12:00am

I’ve taken a moment to compile a list of healthcare marketing blogs that you may want to follow. There are a lot of resources and smart marketers out there, so the options are abundant. I encourage you to visit some of these blogs. You may find a couple that resonate. (Note: The danger in publishing lists is that you are bound to leave someone out. I’m confident that is the case with this list. Please send me information about your favorite healthcare marketing blogs and I will add them to the list.)

  • Marketing Myopia – Blog by Keith Jennings, a marketing strategist with 15 years of service in the healthcare industry. A like Keith’s blog. He’s a smart guy and provides valuable insights. Anyone who follows the work of Theodore Levitt is okay by me!
  • The Healthcare Marketing Blog & Community (Dan Dunlop) – This is the online healthcare marketing community that I created three years ago. It now has more than 200 members. I post 4 times a week on average and community members contribute posts as week. IF you want to keep abreast of what’s going on in the healthcare marketing field, this is a great place to start. You’ll find posts on award competitions, conferences, social media, along with reviews of articles and texts related to healthcare marketing.
  • Hospital Online Marketing Education: Using web strategies & social media to enhance your hospital marketing efforts - – This blog and online community is maintained by Chris Boyer. I met Chris through my Healthcare Marketing Community & Blog on Ning. This network is designed to provide tips on how to enhance hospital marketing and communication efforts with online marketing.
  • Health Care 3.0 – The Pulse of Health Care on the Social Web – Blog created by Palmer Reuther. Palmer works at the Racepoint Group in Massachusetts. I like this community. It has 97 members and keeps growing.
  • MarketShare: A marketing blog from HealthLeaders Media – The MarketShare blog is published by HealthLeaders Media, a provider of multimedia content serving the needs of healthcare executives. Gienna Shaw is the senior editor for marketing; she writes for HealthLeaders magazine and HealthLeaders Media online.
  • The GP Blog – Craig Gagnon’s Blog – – This blog is produced by Craig Gagnon of the Gagnon Partnership. Craig does not post very often, but when he does, it is worth paying attention. The Gagnon Partnership is a small firm focused on upstream planning to drive growth for healthcare, consumer and business service organizations.
  • A Healthcare Marketing Blog – A blog by H.T. Klatzky & Associates, a healthcare marketing agency located in Duluth, Minnesota.
  • Walking The Path - – Walking the Path is the official blog of the Path of the Blue Eye project. This initiative is designed to encourage collaboration and knowledge sharing among health marketing communications pros from around the world. I highly recommend this blog. Authors include some top notch healthcare marketing professionals: Fard Johnmar, Jane Sarasohn-Kahn, David Harlow, Robin Robinson, Nedra Kline Weinreich and Sarah Ragsdale.
  • Kru – Research into e-patients & Health 2.0 – Very interesting information about the e-patient phenomenon and health 2.0 issues.
  • The Healthcare Marketer (Dan Dunlop) - – I love this blog, probably because I’m the author. I try to post at least 4 times each week and share tons of information about healthcare marketing trends and happenings in our industry.
  • Wellsphere TopHealth Blogger Network – Here’s the link to my blog that is syndicated on Wellsphere:
  • Hospital Marketing Journal Blog - – Brought to you by Ten Adams, a healthcare marketing firm.
  • Healthcare Marketing Success blog – Blog by Healthcare Marketing Partners – Marketing tips and strategies from healthcare marketing experts. Useful information for doctors, dentists, healthcare specialists and professionals wishing to grow their business, enhance referrals, attract new patients, and increase revenues.
  • Healthcare.Marketing: A blog for healthcare marketers – This blog is written by Anas Wajid, a marketing communications professional with a special interest in healthcare services marketing. He averages about 3 posts each month.
  • EngagedMed: An ORLive Healthcare Marketing Blog – EngagedMed is a healthcare marketing blog dedicated to exploring how hospitals, device manufacturers, pharmaceutical companies, and other bio companies are engaging their target audiences and building relationships.
  • Healthcare Propeller Heads – Blog by Dan Miers, a very smart guy who works for SPM Marketing. Dan is also a very busy guy so he does not post too often.
  • Enabling Healthy Decisions – George runs the Solutions Strategy Group at Silverlink Communications. The blog represents his thoughts about healthcare and related topics. In general, you will find a bias towards pharma related issues and lots of talk about interacting with members or patients. George works to “present a healthcare corporate view from a patient’s perspective.”
  • Healthcare Vox: Healthcare Communications and Marketing News – It is produced by Fard Johnmar. It looks like this blog may no longer be active. Fard is founder of a healthcare marketing communications consultancy, Envision Solutions, LLC.
  • Optimal Healthcare Marketing blog – Optimal Healthcare Marketing blog was created to offer information on developing creative ideas for healthcare marketing mix. Blog is produced by Sharron, a RN with a BS degree. Sharron spent 21 years in the Army Reserve. She has worked in hosptials, Skilled Nursing Facilities and Home Healthcare Agencies.
  • The Healthcare Leadership Blog - This is a great blog but the author stopped posting in October. He had one post in October and nothing since that time. Not sure what the future holds. “The Health Care Leadership Blog is a non-commercial, professional environment sponsored and moderated by exăgoMD, LLC in order to promote the flow of knowledge and experience from the business and management press to health care leaders and to support dialogue among physician and executive health care leaders.”

A few additional healthcare-related blogs that you might find to be of interest:

  • Healing Hospitals – Formerly Ask a Hospital President – The new blog of F. Nicholas (Nick) Jacobs, FACHE, author of Taking the Hell Out of Healthcare. Nick is a good thinker and experienced healthcare executive. I definitely recommend his blog.
  • KevinMD – Blog maintained by Dr. Kevin Pho. He provides provocative physician commentary on breaking medical news. His internal medicine primary care practice is located in Nashua, New Hampshire. You can also follow Kevin on Twitter.
  • Health Blawg - David Harlow’s blog  – -  This is a terrific blog by David Harlow of the Harlow Group. David is an attorney with a ton of knowledge about healthcare and social media. I follow David on Twitter and have found him to be a valuable resource.
  • Health Populi Blog (Jane Sarasohn-Kahn ) – Jane Sarasohn-Kahn is a health economist and management consultant who has worked with health care stakeholders for over twenty years. Her posts are insightful. You’ll benefit from the information she shares.
  • Real Women on Health blog – “You’ll find real women – working women, patients and health advocates – sharing how they’ve been proactive about taking charge of their health and wellness. Candid conversations and expert commentary guide an intimate, informative “fresh” dialogue that is always respectful of women’s lives, and fun.”

Post by Dan Dunlop, The Healthcare Marketer

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