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Healthcare Insurance Medicare Advantage Secret Shoppers – Cheap Pay For One’s Time and Effort

Posted Feb 03 2010 8:21am

I was cleaning out the junk folder today with email and ran across this interesting offer here.  Anyway, I guess someone is doing some reporting back here, but I wonder for $30.00 and the demands to shop for Medicare Part D plan would really be worth anyone’s time?  Looks to me like it takes a bit of time to first make a imagephone call and secondly go meet in person to evaluate an insurance agent. 

It’s hard enough having to really do this without going through such pains for such a minimal bit of compensation for all of this.  Anyway, from the junk mail today and I changed the company name here to protect the spammer, why did I do that?  Second thought, I know why I did that (grin).  At any rate, this appears to be where secret shoppers come from to evaluate buying prospective health insurance to judge quality service and honesty.   Maybe I did myself in here too as the email also stated I could get a $10.00 referral bonus if I found someone else willing to do all of this for $30.00.  

Anyway, I found this interesting here to see how folks are found for this type of program and again for the amount of pay given for all of this effort, and again something that all of us today may not relish in.  On the other hand this could drill down the fact that patient advocates are really needed and helpful in this part of the process too. BD 

ABC company currently has assignments available for evaluating the health insurance industry.

You must EITHER:

Be able to portray someone who is turning 65 years old within 3 months, and interested in signing up for a Medicare Advantage or Prescription Drug Plan plan. ABC will determine your eligibility from a submitted photo-ID….or

Portray someone who is inquiring about a Medicare Advantage or Prescription Drug Plan on behalf of a relative (husband, wife or parent) who is about to turn 65 years old…OR

PORTRAY someone on disability who is enquiring about a Medicare Advantage or Prescription Drug Plan. The disability does not have to be physically apparent, i.e. a heart condition with medications.

Payment for this assignment is $30 for a face-to-face meeting.

In order to successfully complete this evaluation, you are required to make a pre-visit phone call, set up a meeting with a health Insurance agent, meet face-to-face with the agent at a location convenient to both of you, and role play a scenario provided to you by ABC. The evaluation is extremely straightforward and the questionnaire does not require many detailed narratives.

If you know of someone who would be interested in completing Health Care mystery shopping opportunities, you could earn a referral bonus of $10 for EVERY assignment they successfully complete during their first month!

Limitations and requirements to qualify for Referral Bonus program:

o You must be a currently registered business associate with ABC in good-standing.

o Referral bonus only paid for assignments completed within the current month when the new business agent is referred.

o Referral bonus only paid for Medicaid assignments successfully completed.

o Final determination of Referral Bonus qualification is at the sole discretion of ABC.

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