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Healthcare Analytics (The Next Frontier)

Posted Jan 29 2010 7:58am


Yes I know the title is ever so dry but the topic is front and center as to what will be driving the care we receive over the next 50 years, even the smallest Healthcare environments are generating petabytes of information on each of us each year and what good are we getting from all of this data. How the heck do we manage it, support it and derive value from it. I have been cheating towards this ever important if ultra geeky topic for some time now so what sent me overt the edge, well it was getting a gander at the most recent data from the Kaiser Family Foundation on the massive amount of time kids in particular spend interacting with media in general or was it just a regular Saturday morning at the Burns house I can’t really tell.

What I do know is that in my travels around the world and experiencing the manner in which our Healthcare is delivered, developed and paid for I have come to understand that these two topics are linked, what we spend our time on influences our lifestyle and these life style choice in turn influence our overall health. In the coming weeks we are going to explore the connection between these two. We are going to look at the future of medical informatics as well as how real world HDS customers manage this information in real clinical settings. So grab you media of choice (iPad) and buckle in.

I’m sure it will be a fun ride.

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