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Health insurance frauds to face strict government actions

Posted Dec 03 2012 10:23am
The latest from Washington is that the Obama administration is all up against the  health  care and  insurance  frauds in the country. Major  insurance  companies have decided to share important and relevant data in an attempt to put a stop to the illegalities in the area of  health   insurance.

Foes unite for a common cause

The government and private  insurance  industry have come together to eradicate the menace of fraudsters. This is quite unusual keeping in view the fact that the government and private insurers have never gone along very well with each other. Though the insurers are working with the government to curb the menace of scammers, they still haven’t brought their efforts down against the new taxes on the industry.

Public-private partnership brings hopes

Kathleen Sebelius,  Health  and Human Services Secretary of State, was very positive on this matter. She believes that the partnership between the government and the insurers is going to boost the fight against the scammers. The unison of the government programs and the  insurance  industry is going to drive all the weaknesses away from the system. The  health  care system has always been used by the scammers to their advantage. The strengthening of the healthcare system and sharing of valuable information with the public can help bring fraudulent matters to light. This will help put an end to the fraudulent activities going on within the system. The fact that the state investors are also part of the ongoing investigations is bringing better hopes for success. 
The rise in the number of scams is not only threatening to government programs such as Medicare and Medicaid, they are dangerous to the private  insurance  companies as well. A lot of work remains to be done on this new partnership. This includes preparation of the budget. Results are expected between six months and a year from the launch of the program. The legal and technical issues are going to push up the duration.

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