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Health Care Reform...We Can't Let The Lobbyist Win

Posted Jul 20 2009 12:40pm
I just read one of the best articles on the health care debate. It was at Dr. Geoff’s MedBlog. We can’t let big business and some corrupt politicians win, whatever it cost.  

My wife and I may or may not be typical but it’s not a story that is being told enough. Between the two of us we make enough to barely get by. I lost my one man business a few years ago, and at that time my wife was paying less than $600.00 a month for the most famous HMO. We are both on our second marriage and met about nine years ago. She has had the same coverage since the mid 70's. I haven’t had any health care or seen a doctor in more than 15 years. We are both in or late fifties, and she is on all kinds of meds, and I hardly ever get sick. It’s a good thing, because at the beginning of the year instead of the usual 12-15% bump, her monthly healthcare cost went up 38%. I know that at my age I should be getting regular check ups, but we simply can’t afford it.

We now have a real chance at real reform. President Obama might be the most intelligent and articulate man we have ever had in the White house, but he has to stop trying to make friends. Why isn’t anyone talking about bringing down the lobbyist? Are all our representatives bought like prior administrations were? I do article marketing to get by, and I have done extensive research on natural remedies and cures. I have come to the conclusion that the business of health care in this country is based on not getting us well, but keeping us sick enough to have to keep  buying their product.
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