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Health Care is indeed a big area ...

Posted Nov 10 2008 4:19pm

Health Care is indeed a big area for robots, there's Robo Doc and several hospitals use robots to deliver supplies to various floors of the hospitals, they ride the elevators and make the appropriate stops as needed...and then there is Neuro Robotics as discussed in this article...BD 

... It's unclear how many civilians are ready to buy robots. IRobot has managed to attract enthusiasts but in only 3 percent of U.S. homes. It may take 20 years to get 10 percent, warns Paul Coster, a JPMorgan equities analyst.

But iRobot isn't alone. The medical field, for one, is a focus for robotics, where autonomous delivery carts already reduce costs at a image few bustling hospitals. Robotic joints enable more affordable, intense rehabilitation for stroke patients. In early use, a robotic elbow from start-up Myomo has returned some movement to the paralyzed arms  of patients, even after image the device is removed. Kailas Narendran, one of the elbow's inventors, says a patient was surprised when the robot was removed and she'd regained movement. "She said, 'It's my own motion!'" Narendran recalls. Hence, the company's name.

The Robot Revolution May Finally Be Here - US News and World Report

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