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Health Care Bill Timeline Information

Posted Mar 24 2010 7:20pm

It will still be a few years until the new health care bill will be in full effect, but there are some timelines that everyone should be aware of in the coming months.  According to the article “When Does Health-Care Bill go into Effect” found on there will be an impact to Americans within a year.

Within a year the bill will be providing a $250 rebate for Medicare prescription drug plan recipients whose initial benefits run out.  90 days after enactment of the bill there will be immediate access to high-risk pools for people who have no insurance because they were declined for pre-existing conditions.  After 6 months of enactment insurance companies will not be allowed to deny people coverage when they get sick, and they cannot deny children who have preexisting conditions.

By 2014 most employees will be required to provide health insurance coverage to their employees or face penalties.  People not carrying individual health insurance or health insurance coverage also will face penalties by this time.  In 2018, a 40% tax will be imposed on high-end insurance policies and by 2019 health insurance will finally be expanded to the promised 32 million people.

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