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Health Bill Back to House for New Vote

Posted Mar 25 2010 12:00am

Federal Takeover of Student Loan Program Found to Have Two Senate Rules Violations

Now the health care bill must go back to the House for another vote.  Why?  Because Democrats in a bold move decided to nationalize / federalize the student loan program.  These programs have worked well for decades and funded hundreds of thousands of students as they attended universities and professional schools.  Had the Student Loan takeover not been in the bill, the final Senate vote tonight would have likely been the end of this.  This federal takeover of the student loan program was found to have two violations of Senate rules which will require deletion of small amounts of the current bill.  In so doing, the bill is changed and therefore must go back to the House. Sticking the Student Loan takeover into the health bill, where it clearly does not belong, is a crass power grab by the “progressives” (read liberals, socialists, Democrats).  The primary folks who have an issue with the student loan program are those who have refused to repay their loans.  Does this sound like a familiar theme?  You borrow money, can’t, don’t or won’t repay, and the then blame the “predatory private banks” who are loaning the money based on guidelines and rules issued and approved by the government.  Hypocrisy to the max.  No doubt the House will pass the bill again . . . although you can never really be sure what will happen in Congress at this point.  All we know for sure is that this administration is working to consolidate as much power and control of the economy and public in Washington as it can.  In the end, over time, all concentrations of power are broken . . . that is the lesson history clearly tells us . . . obi jo

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