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Hard military training

Posted Nov 20 2012 6:41am

Beginning from today, we will for a week every afternoon 4 when half to five and a half, participates in the school organization of military training.


This afternoon I preliminary tasted the taste of militarymoncler jackets saletraining. From 4 when half started, we focus on big the playground, here the hot sun in the sky, the temperature as high as more than 30 degrees, we are under the command of the instructor, carries on the strict military training, the first is the basic action on queue training, from the stand at attention, at ease, look to the future, to the left and right to see, to turn back to squat down, stand up and start training, less than half an hour, we'll all sweat flow gorge back, some people unexpectedly moan, individual students because do not concentrate on listening to password and action does not follow to go up, soon give strict instructor name queue alone do the action. I'm practicing squat down without master essentials, knee met the playground stones, then feel is so painful that home a look, black and blue, and red up, really feel it's killing me! When bathing feel feet feeble, the whole body aching and limp weakness, really want to go to bed! But I don't feel weak, not afraid of difficulties, to contend with difficulties, the difficulties ahead! Because the military training purpose is to test our will, improve our overcome difficulties of perseverance.


The military training was tough, but is of great significance, the first is a national defense education, let us know that military duty is how important, military task is how difficult, military life is how hard; Second is the study of military technology, can improve self-defense capability, strengthening and bad bad thing of fighting skill; Once again, is can exercise, exercise will, let oneself have a strong physical fitness and good physical quality.


I will persist, want to stand up to it, concentrate on to take part in the military training, through the training let oneself become more strong more strong


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