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Grateful Dead Keyboardist Turns Home Remedy Into a Patented Solution for Sleep Apnea Patients – A Nose Pad

Posted May 04 2010 2:26pm

Such a deal, Medicare covers this and wants you to get your sleep too.  I only have one issue, why is it blue?  If it were skin toned it might look a little better but image who am I to say, if needed sleep I would not complain!  The pad is designed to be used with various face masks worn at night that help combat sleep apnea. 

Additional information can be found at the link below. 

They also have a Twitter site.  

I have never slept with a mask but this sounds it makes sense as you roll around the mask could in fact leave some indentations or just flat out be uncomfortable too. 

From the website:

“Decreases skin breakdown and facial sores

Improves overall comfort with nasal and full face masks

Increases patient adherence with OSA therapy

Acts as a barrier between the patients skin and their mask to decrease leaks and sores on facial areas”

All we need now is a song or two to help put us to sleep (grin).  BD

Press Release:

San Francisco, CA — Adding a new twist to the old adage “necessity is the mother of invention,” The Dead keyboardist Jeff Chimenti was inspired by his mother’s image experience with sleep apnea to develop a remedy for the ramifications that impact a large number of the 30 million Americans suffering from the condition.  Noting the discomfort and painful sores his mother was having from daily sleep mask use, Chimenti conferred with band roadie AJ Santella about the use of gel or silicone, after multiple failed attempts with over-the-counter padding materials.

Santella suggested a gel pad that is used to dampen the vibration of drum heads.  The result was a resounding success.  The two then embarked on a journey of handmade molds and use of a newfound medical grade gel to perfect the system, ultimately resulting in the birth of the Sleep Comfort Care Pad that is on the market today.

“My mother was the necessity for this invention,” says Chimenti.  “My primary goal was to ensure my mother was comfortable and getting the rest she needed each night to live each day more healthfully.  I didn’t initially realize the enormous potential of this product, but I quickly learned.  The reaction has been overwhelming.  Literally millions of people could benefit and that’s music to my ears.”

Sleep apnea syndrome is caused when the airway in the back of the throat intermittently collapses, resulting in frequent bouts of shallow breathing or no air going into the lungs.  The long term health consequences of sleep deprivation can be severe, and many patients are prescribed sleep masks to wear throughout the night to ensure proper breathing. The latex and silicone-free Sleep Comfort Care Pad serves as a cushion between nasal and full face masks and the bridge of the nose, while also decreasing leaks and increasing adherence.

The clear hypo-allergenic pad comes in two sizes and is infused with a pleasurable lavender scent, which has been clinically proven to relax the brain. Distributed by Sequal Technologies, the nation’s leading provider of medical oxygen-related products, the Sleep Comfort Care Pad retails for $14.95 and should be replaced monthly.  It can be purchased through health care professionals, and on the Internet.  It is also covered by Medicare.   For additional product information visit . image

About Sequal Technologies

Founded in 1991 SeQual Technologies ( ) is a market-driven, technology-based company with the mission to develop, manufacture and market unique products for medical, military, industrial and commercial applications that utilize the Company’s proprietary pressure swing adsorption (PSA) technology for air separation.

In addition, to medical oxygen systems the Company manufactures other PSA-based, air separation systems for a wide variety of commercial and industrial applications. SeQual’s PSA systems are recognized internationally for their unique designs, superior performance, quality and reliability.

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